13 August 2013

little black dress anyone?

Now I am a bit of a sucker for black dresses, you can never really go wrong with a beautifully slimming dress, I was asked by the people behind little black dress to share my favorite from their selection of over 10 pages of dresses. I chose the Forever Unique Bessie Dress because it has an amazing shape to it. It looks really similar to one I have seen on the lady that does the numbers and letter on countdown! I don't think my illustration does it justice but I had to just illustrate it because I love a bit of bouffant hair and red lippy! talking of lippy  I really love the look of the Lipstick Boutique spot dress it look like something from the 1940's and I can imagine it looks really lovely on curvy figures. There is also a wonderful selection of more evening style gowns. I quite like this one  the forever unique Regina Dress now can someone take me somewhere fancy?

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  1. Lovely illustrations :) I'm thinking about drawing more soon and I was wondering, do you simply just scan your drawings into the computer?

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  2. Love that Lipstick Boutique dress, I was admiring it earlier! The Bessie dress is such a beauty though :) xx

  3. I love your illustrations :)


  4. Your illustration is beautiful!! <3 Wow. We work with Forever Unique and saw their new collection the other day, some of the pieces are incredible. If only I had somewhere to wear one too!

    Sweet Monday

  5. Lovely illustration Ella, it does look like a beautiful dress.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  6. Yes please!

    You are so talented, those illustrations you create are just gorgeous

    The Young Bridget Jones

  7. Such a pretty illustration xx

  8. This looks like a really lovely drawing!

  9. beautiful
    I invite you to visit my blog, you're very welcome <3
    Super kiss and a great weekend .

  10. So glad to have found your blog (after seeing your work on facebook as one of your friends.) Absolutely adore your work, such an inspiration :)
    Natalie Anne Bourn - www.theorangewalls.blogspot.co.uk

  11. Hi Ella!
    I must say I love your blog, I've read it for so long now! I am an 19 year old swedish girl with a huge interest in photography and fashion :)

    Please visit my blog, and have a lovely day!
    / Best wishes Emelie

  12. great sketch ! :)


  13. Lovely illustration!

  14. Aww... This is soo cute! :) xx


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