24 September 2013

Dressing like a Haim Sister this autumn.

How amazing are these three ladies god i love Haim! Its been nice to get back into good music, it has been too long for me. It use to be one of my favorite ways to relax, finding their music takes me back to when I first discovered good music back in the summer of like 2003!

I am personally a little bit obsessed with the Haim sister's fashion sense making me highly envious of the way they style every shoot, gig and instagram outfit. 

I had a little browse on the internet to see if I could find a few affordable staple pieces that i felt a little bit Haim worthy. I couldn't fit any Kimono's onto the mood board oops! I do love a good kimono I wish I could afford to add to my wardrobe. 

I love their heavy mix of rock, hippie vibe.  What with long flowing locks and delicate dresses mixed with heavy chunky leather boots. Its nice to see a healthy does of fashion sense and real talent. Love how recently Alana chatted about the naturalness of their look "I think it’s just what we wake up and put on. With fashion it’s kind of what’s comfortable and what covers your bits." Probably my personal fashion aims ha!

The way the girls dress is beautifully accessible, I love anything that has a comfort factor to it. I am definitely going to be embracing my inner most rock star this autumn mixing delicate pieces with chunkier knits and leather boots.




  1. I love Haim, and this style is right up my street - funnily enough I've been looking at kimonos lately, and there seem to be quite a lot on eBay at the moment. This one's on my watch list: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Hippy-Paisley-Tassel-fringe-scarf-jacket-kimono-S-M-L-Festival-Winter-/290983644190?pt=UK_Women_s_Jumpers_Cardigans&hash=item43bffa0c1e
    PS Love the new blog layout! x

  2. Ah I bloody love Haim, and their style <3

  3. I love the sister's style, they always look so effortlessly put together. I love the boots xo

  4. I adore Haim! I have always loved their amazing style so thanks for making this post!
    Shona's Adventures In Wonderland

  5. I am forever wanting to be the 4th haim sister!

  6. I love them! They seem so fun, I featured one of their songs on my latest mixtape post.



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