16 September 2013

New t-shirts by Ella Masters Illustration

Can you tell by my face I am rather happy about the new T-shirts I have had printed? You can buy them from my Etsy site which is Ella Masters Illustration, 

All t-shirts are professionally printed which is what I have been waiting to create since starting my illustration company 9 months ago, I finally took the plunge and invested in good quality and if I could have one I would but alas my job is to sell them! 
I am currently juggling running the business with trying to set up my own clothing label, which the new t-shirts will eventually be part of my new apparel label all really rather exciting but a lot to be dealing with on top of commissions and working full time at the school I teach at. Talking of beautiful Apparel my lovely friend jenni has set up an amazing new clothing company called Dirty Stag Ltd This is something I have actually really missed from being around creative people, being able to share ideas and business talk! Its such a relief to chat about all the geeky stuff! Jenni creates lovely totes and t-shirts under her brand name featuring quirky stag characters...pretty awesome stuff!

I have had a lot of people ask if I will be at renegade for both days and the answer is a massive yes! so excited you have no idea....these t-shirts will be available along with totes, tea cups and other bearded tattooed things!  



  1. this t.shirts is cool color my faveret color kindly share more design & colour.

  2. Gorgeous shirts and I think you are a fabulous artist. I hope the bad comments don't bother you because I'm sure there are lovely people out there who love your designs like me! Hope you have a lovely day dear!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  3. Gorgeous creation as always! Renegade sounds so exciting, good luck :) xx

  4. aaahh I love it! I'm most definitely popping one of these tee's on my christmas wish list - fingers crossed they haven't sold out by then! ^v^ Xxx

  5. I love your work!


  6. That beardy man is so perfect if I had any money at all I would snap one up!
    Kerry x

  7. Gorgeous shirt! So unique!


  8. love the 'bite me tattooed lady'...very eye catching! we will have to spread the word.. x



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