16 November 2013

black, black and black

I'm not really one for buying things on a whim anymore but I wondered into Zara today to but myself a new jumper, but when my beady eyes happened upon this rather simple fur jacket I thought oohh well thats nice, it wasn't until i put it on I fell in love. The price tag did make me slightly panic, but I figured if I wore it everyday then thats ok! haha!
At the moment when it comes to what I am wearing the simpler the better. A black outfit with a pop of colour always works best for me. The jumper and leggings are both from new look and if I am honest I would of never picked them normally as I do find jumpers look way too frumpy on me, but I am a little in love with this outfit. 

I have actually dyed my hair since I last shot these pictures, it is meant to be plum, I did really want to dye it cyber purple, like in I did a year or so ago but my lazy bones didn't want to take me any further then my local boots that didn't stock it. So I settled for plum.
Update on my weight-loss I have finally dropped a dress size and now I am a size 14, this is great news for my bridesmaids dress..woohoo.

In other blog news i have a few new features, and some exciting collaborations lined up now that I have closed my online shop for a little while and getting back into blogging is something I have wanted to do for a while so watch this space lovelies, you have all been so supportive in my absence so thank you.



  1. You look beautiful Ella, that necklace adds so much to the outfit! I love your jumper and coat, and those trousers, too! xx

  2. That coat looks so snug and warm, you always look great Ella! x


  3. I love the mixtures of all different textures here. Your necklace is gorgeous, such a stunning colour! You are looking so gorgeous xo

  4. You look beautiful. Lovely outfit xx

  5. You look amazing Ella, love your cute outfit choices


  6. Lovely outfit! X


  7. Hi there lovely lady, i just wanted to say your art work is awesome. I won a super duper prize from a give away by the gorgeous Tori at Tori's Tales, to which you kindly contributed some brilliant pieces! I love them :)
    PS. You're ace

    Faded Windmills

  8. You look fab missy, love the jumper!x

  9. lovely coat, really suit you! definitely worth the purchase x

    The Young Bridget Jones


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