18 November 2013

Highland jig!

Newlook / Jumper
Primark / Dress
Western boots / Topshop
Hand brooch / Ella Masters Illustration
Glasses / Tiger

I think I might have just found one of my most favorite outfits ever, Tartan me? never! The other day during a little shopping trip I spotted the tartan dress in Primark, I had spotted Lucy Watson of made In Chelsea fame wearing one recently ( hers is from missguided) and I'm not gonna lie I did fall in love with it just a tad.

Its probably a dress I thought that would never suit it, but I really love how the collar stands out from the red tartan, it is pretty similar to my family Tartan  which makes me love it more! I haven't worn anything tartan since I was about 8 and I had a green tartan dress with a really itchy petticoat, I swore I would never wear anything Tartan again...oops, those damn trend sucking me in!

I don't often wear on trend items just because I don't have the money to chase around every piece. Its just nice occasionally to get one piece that is on trend and mix it with old finds and thrifted pieces.The jumper is one of my favorites, I bought it about 2 months ago from New look it goes with pretty much anything. I do love the mix of the jumper and dress, making me look slightly like a school kid!

I never ever wear my hair up, just because I have always been a tad paranoid about my chubby face hello double chin....and always thought that its something that I have never really been confident with, its nice to hide behind a mass of hair! But I made a mess bun up-do, when my hair was wet just to get out of my eyes whilst painting. There isn't any products or styling its just how my fringe falls naturally, so I doubt it will look this good for work...its always the way hey!? I am finally happy with the colour after washing it on hot to get the residue of hair dye out from last week.  Hello plum hair for Autumn!

I would love to know what are your opinions on the Tartan trend?  



  1. you look great! i LOVE tartan, borderline obsessed. i bought two tartan scarves for this winter and one of them is huge and warm. lots of people kept asking where did i buy it from :)

    The Young Bridget Jones

  2. You look so lovely! I have definite hair envy, I cut mine short when I realised it was never going to get any thicker!
    I love tartan, particularly the green/purple and blue/brown tones, for the moment I only have it on scarves and shirts but this has certainly inspired me to keep an eye out for a skirt (I always loved Thora Birtches Tartan/T Shirt outfit in Ghost World!)
    Hope you have a great week! I'm waiting to get paid and then I can finally purchase from your shop, I had to miss Renegade because I was so skint!


  3. I adore this look! You look amazing Ella! x


  4. Such a lovely outfit Ella, adore the colour of the tartan with the jumper. Looking just the prettiest thing xx

  5. You look gorgeous! I'd wear that outfit within a second - so darn cute! <3

  6. You look gorgeous Ella! Love the skirt

    lucy xx

  7. Stunning! I absolutely looooove your sunglasses xo

  8. You look really lovely, Ella! I am loving the tartan trend, and I like seeing how everyone styles it x

  9. I loe your hair like that, I've had mine up in the same way recently and a lot of people think I've spent a lot longer than I have on it but it's just a case of tying it up with a few clips! Your tarten skirt is wonderful, probably my favourite outfit of yours so far xx

  10. You look absolutely fantastic, love the outfit!

  11. Like this outfit!!
    Just for you: http://m.cdn.blog.hu/ne/neszeszer/image/rosszfiu.jpeg
    Like your bearded man tattoo, without beard. :)


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