21 November 2013

I miss paris

I miss Paris 
I miss strolling the streets and boulevards not knowing, what is round the next corner
I miss eating croissants with one of my favorite little ladies
I miss meeting new people, drinking french beer and laughing
I miss wearing dainty dresses and bathing in the sun
I miss crazy amounts of pastries, crepes and ice cream 
I miss Paris

*All photos are taken by me please don't take or use them without permission!



  1. I absolutely love Paris & i'm currently planning another trip for next year with my Mum. It is just such a beautiful place & your pictures are really lovely!

  2. I miss it too. It's been nearly two years. Le sigh.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten
    PS. Great photos as always Ella <3

  3. Such gorgeous photos! I would love to go to Paris, I'm hoping it might be possible next year! Hope you get to go back.

  4. unbelievably! Wow, beautiful Pictures.
    the atmosphere is great.


  5. Gorgeous snaps. I miss Paris as well, just something about that city *sigh*

  6. I went during the Winter and since it was cold couldn't enjoy it as much as I had planned but I definitely miss it and next time I want to go during Summer!

  7. I also miss Paris, and France in general. I'd like to live there for a while... to write a novel, and wear stripes, eat lovely things. I need to fall in love with a French boy.

    Love the picture of your sketching :)

  8. Beautiful pictures! I love Paris so so much x


  9. I was there last weekend, I just blogged about it today! your version looks so much nicer than mine though, I have to do the back streets 'non commercial' paris next time!

    burgundyandwine.blogspot.co.uk xx

  10. Every time I see a photo of Paris I can't believe that 7 years have gone by since I last visited (even typing that made me do a 'what the actual heck?!!' response).

    These photos are beautiful, Ella.

    I very much am sure Paris misses you too :D

  11. Waaaahhhhhhh can we go back please? And can I also have my pink hair back? And can I cuddle you? xxx


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