17 November 2013

Lazing on a sunday afternoon

Its not often I have a day of doing literally nothing but today has been lovely not having to worry about anything. It has been filled with painting, drawing, outfit photos and watching Made in Chelsea. I find that program annoyingly addictive!

My fringe is finally growing out and you have no idea how happy this makes me, excuse my dodgy toes I just adore the new L'Oreal glittery nail varnish.

Don't worry there is food involved in my lazy sunday, and a crazy amount of tea I just never photographed it...its nice to finally get back to using my proper camera, as I found whilst i have been away from blogging I only ever used my iphone to snap pics to put on Intagram. You can find me over at _ellamasters_ For a while instagram kinda killed blogging for me. So its nice to finally get back to what I love. Sundays are perfect for a lil blogging, all I need now is to put Harry Potter on eat my roast and snuggle under a duvet or two. 

How have you spent your Sunday?



  1. I really need a day like this,
    I haven;t had a day off in months and it's really getting me down.
    Love this post :)
    You look wonderful!

    Kelly from DayDreamsDaisyChains.com :)

  2. Your pictures are so pretty, looks like a perfect lazy Sunday to me :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  3. You look gorgeous! and as ever I'm jealous of your studio area. My Sunday has been lazy, bordering on slobbish- no makeup, gross hair, sat on my sofa for about 4 hours straight, eating rubbish and watching friends episodes for about the billionth time! lovely xx

  4. I love the collections and pictures on your wall

  5. I am so painting my toes with glitter tonight!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  6. I love this nail varnish! This has been very similar to my weekend, i have done sod all. I think its what weekends are all about :)

    Kirstie xxx

  7. lovely selection of photos. i've had a day like this too - Geordie shore, tea, hair dye and blogs! Lush.


  8. I just have to say you have the most darling doll face! You are so cute and I love your art. ;)

    xx, C

  9. I'm literally just so jealous of you - you look stunning, I love your room and aarghh!! xo

  10. looks like a perfect sunday! pretty similar to mine haha, well the pile of books is anyway! followed you on bloglovin:)
    lily x

  11. Love your eye makeup! I'm having a very similar Sunday which has been completely relaxing in every way.

  12. I love your space, your doodles, and your growy out fringe. Even your fringe grows out perfect. CAN YOU DO NO WRONG?!

    Sarah xx
    Friday is Forever Blog

  13. I love your blog! Just wondering where you buy your notebooks from? I've been looking for a small thick notebook for ages but can't find a decent one that's under £20! x

  14. Hello beuatyful:-) you remind me of my daughter, she also kreate as you.
    If you have the time, you can write or see my daughers art at: http://www.mariahoffbeck.blogspot.com

  15. I'm spent my Sunday, doing uni work. Crochet, drawing and I also baked too :)! Lemon and poppyseed cake.. Yum! x

  16. Beautiful day + lovely photographs!! xo


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