24 November 2013

weekend stripes

 Breton top / Primark
Jeans / River Island
Western boots / Topsjop
Necklace / handmade / Zara
Jacket / Zara

Its the weekend again guys, and I am so grateful for my days off, I am currently watching the Great Gatsby and swooning over Leonardo Dicaprio, such a babe!Little bit in love with all the Glitz and Glamor.

Just another Saturday spent sorting things for my sisters wedding and I might of picked up a bargain or two whilst out shopping,  excuse my mess of a hair do, a mix of laziness and trying out my new Enrapture Wand. Not going to lie I am a little bit in love with it.

Today's outfit is just basic and easy to wear an everyday Ella outfit if you will. I think everyone needs one of those outfits, I've never really been a jogging bottom slouchy tee kinda girl....so it will always be Breton top and ripped jeans all the way.

This week has been rather stressful resulting in me gaining 2 lb which has just added to my frustration, I think drinking less tea has done that to me. I did go on a bit of a vegetable shopping spree today in morrisons which is something I never thought I would bore you all with, or bore myself enough to blog about!

I have spent my Sunday hunting for the perfect flat and trying to organise things, snapping new pictures for new features and trying to organise my life ready to re-open my shop, I have had a crazy amount of emails asking when will it re-open hopefully end of next week. Time to get the studio sorted hey guys!?

I will share some studio snaps with you once everything is in its rightful place.  Hope you have had a good weekend



  1. I adore that coat, you just look so wonderful Ella! x


  2. This is so gorgeous, I love your coat! I think you look great, 2 lbs is genuinely nothing - probably just water! You look beautiful xo

  3. It's natural to put weight on over christmas so don't stress too much, tomorrows a new day remember! I love breton tops, I saw one in Tesco suprisingly which looks lovely so I'll have to nip in and try it on. You look ace with your trademark 'messy' hair, you pull it off the best I've seen!

  4. I seriously love your style! You're progress with this all is so inspiring to me and you're so beautiful!

  5. I loved that film, such a feast for the eyes, and is it just me or does Mr Dicaprio just get hotter and hotter each time you look at him?? ;)

    Loving the stripes girly

    Faded Windmills

  6. You look wonderful Ella. I love the jacket ! :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  7. Nice look ;)



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