30 December 2013

blue seude shoes

Dress -Topshop
Boots - Office
Belt - Oasis
under top - Newlook
Earrings - Newlook

I am not normally one to fall in love with an object let alone a pair of shoes....so during our little yearly trip to Selfridges were me and my sister normally lust over all the clothes, shoes and bag in the world I decided to treat myself with these beautiful blue suede boots, I have always wanted a pair of blue suede shoes, probably since I heard the Elvis "Blue Suede shoes" song in C&A when I was about four. So hello! new beautiful boots! I really struggled to find them online to share with you all, but the closest I could find were these Blue Ankle Boots and these ones from Debenhams

How long do you reckon my new white topshop dress stays white for...I reckon one more wear!  I couldn't decide which look I liked best between the belt or no belt, so that's why there is a mix. The dress was purchased in the sale in Topshop, it was a choice between light blue and white...I figured I could always dye the dress if needs be. My brother calls it my pirate look, considering as a child thats all I ever really wanted to be, i've made it! But this outfit does make me feel very chic, Chic pirate look, I reckon it will be all the rage in 2014.

So that empty Christmas feeling is appearing once again I do love  Christmas, New Year is always an odd time for me, I like to embrace what has been but it is always mixed in with a slight excitement and pressure to be a somewhat new improved person the next year....I guess I shouldn't worry too much with these amazing shoes on my feet I feel like I can do anything.



  1. Amazing shoes! x


  2. These shoes are literally perfect. I love your necklace too, so stunning xo

  3. I love your shoes! ♥ Your outfit is so cute too. :)
    Happy New Year and all the best to you!

    Abigail ♥

  4. Ooh they are lovely boots and I like the dress too. Have a lovely New Year xxxx

  5. Those shoes are amazing and I love this outfit, you can't go wrong with a pirate inspired outfit!

    Maria xxx

  6. Such a pretty dress and pretty lady! :)


  7. thank you for the comment ella! you look so pretty and i think pirate chic will be big this year haha!

  8. Those boots? *swoon* Ah, now, don't you worry yourself about the new year - one day at a time is all you need to take :)

  9. Adorable outfit and love the dress. I definitely think with the belt! :)



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