28 August 2013

the last few weeks

Its been a while hasn't it fellow bloggers, if i am totally 100% honest with you, I haven't really felt all that cut out to be a blogger these last few weeks. Its nothing I can fully pin point, I think like everything else in life we can only follow one path for so long. This isn't me saying I am never going to blog again, I have just become stagnant with the direction I am heading in, it would be lovely to magic something out of the air, but I have been doing this a long time and its really not that easy.  So we will see I guess... 

So since I have been away this is what I have been up to...

- Sunday I turned 25, probably the first time ever I have been scared of growing old.
- Visited my uni friends in Bristol, ( I didn't go to bristol uni just a lot of my friends live there)
- I went camping in Kent 
- Visited the seaside
- Took a little family trip to military odyssey i only go for the vintage clothes. 
- Took my first large illustration deal
- Drew a ton on new tattoo men and women.
- Re-vamped my little etsy store
- BIG NEWS got selected for Renegade London craft fair in Novemeber.
- chopped my fringe super short
- started my tattoo portfolio in the hope of finding a tattoo apprenticeship 
- Finally got over the person that has been in my life for 8 years ( that wasn't easy or fun)
- been scarily poorly thinking I had a life threatening illness I was vomiting everyday for 3 weeks was pretty terrifying, things are being sorted thank heavens.
-  lost nearly a stone an a half due to the above issue. 
- Teaching summer schools
and tomorrow i will be going to see Plan B in concert courtesy of O2 which is rather exciting! So I feel we are all up to date, the old me probably would of blogged all that but being so ill I just felt like hiding away I hope you can all understand that. I hope your last two weeks have been filled with more ups then downs.


13 August 2013

little black dress anyone?

Now I am a bit of a sucker for black dresses, you can never really go wrong with a beautifully slimming dress, I was asked by the people behind little black dress to share my favorite from their selection of over 10 pages of dresses. I chose the Forever Unique Bessie Dress because it has an amazing shape to it. It looks really similar to one I have seen on the lady that does the numbers and letter on countdown! I don't think my illustration does it justice but I had to just illustrate it because I love a bit of bouffant hair and red lippy! talking of lippy  I really love the look of the Lipstick Boutique spot dress it look like something from the 1940's and I can imagine it looks really lovely on curvy figures. There is also a wonderful selection of more evening style gowns. I quite like this one  the forever unique Regina Dress now can someone take me somewhere fancy?

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12 August 2013

the road is home painting

Sometimes when working things can just fall into place, I have never painted a proper painting in gouache paint, so today I took the plunge and created this painting of Alba (Nirrimi and matt's daughter) of the Road is home blog. Only taking me about two hours I found a renewed sense of confidence in my skills ( when i was at school my art teacher told me i would never be able to paint portraits...I think I may have proven her wrong). Its been lovely doing a little piece without really thinking, I have been in a lot of pain recently, we aren't really to sure what the pain is, my bones and muscles hurt in a crazy way, I am smothered in deep heat to stop the muscle pain and i am filled with pain killers, its nice to create something to take my mind off it.
I have had a few messages about sharing my process, what I use and how I paint, I will try and figure out a way to share it all with you soon.

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8 August 2013

Dawn Porter's hair and my week so far.

I have become a little bit obsessed with Dawn Porter's hair cut and I couldn't resist a good doodle, cue new illustration. I have a massive urge to hack mine off again, but I really don't think i could pull off the bob and bangs look....so so tempted though, I know as soon as I chopped it off I would want my long hair back. Anyway in between planning, creating roughs, emails and painting I have taken a few moments to do some of my own work which is really lovely ( cure Dawn Porter-esq illustration) . My desk this week resembles an  explosion in an art shop but we will just over look that for a second! This week has been a little bit hectic, with lovely commissions coming in from all over the world which is just amazing.I have also penned 20 pages worth of advice on promoting yourself as an illustrator and blogger wish me luck editing that bad boy!

I am still searching out the perfect place to move to in Cornwall and can I just say now its pretty hard when you can't decide exactly where you want to live, silly indecisiveness ella! 

I am slowly starting to feel a lot more myself mentally, I still have days were I slip up and feel overwhelmed and lonely all thrown together, but I have made a conscious effort not to spend longer then an hour alone, just due to the fact one of my main abilities is to over think. I have had such wonderful support from you lovely lot, emails, sharing my blog post, and probably giving me the confidence and power to actually tell my family. I'm not going to lie the last three weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster but I am taking small steps which really helps me, over come a few of my issues. One thing that makes me ridiculously happy is the fact I can sit in my most comfiest outfit and paint all day whilst watching Ghost hunters and New Girl. I'm currently working on the two largest illustration commissions which is scary and cool all jumbled together. Would you believe I had the grand total in four days of over 800 illustration enquirers, which was just amazing, so thank you. Keep your eyes peeled for my new advice section on this here little blog....

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5 August 2013

Custom portraits.

Today has been rather busy over here at Ella Masters Illustration HQ. I have been working my way through over 235 emails regarding custom illustrations. I am feeling crazily overwhelmed, its a good overwhelmed. For the first time today I have done my first proper full-time freelance day. Sounds silly as I have been off work for the last three weeks but I have finally set my studio up and have got down to proper commissioned work. The above illustration has been created for a lovely couple, I'm rather happy with how it has turned out. If you are a couple and after something quirky and one off i have rearranged my diary to fit in more custom illustrations so just drop me a little email and we will get to work with prices ( contact).

I have had a few emails from people asking me how have I had so many emails. I will put together a little online presence for illustrators blog post. If you have any question you want answered you can leave a comment and i will try to answer them. Thanks for all your support and kind words.

Have you done something different today if so I would love to hear what it is?

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4 August 2013

Ella Made : Home made skirt

After reading Olivia's and Lisette's post about the Campaign being run by Alpro * to try something different everyday, I felt inspired to dabble in a little something new to give myself a bit of a boost and a push in the right direction. The first thing that sprang to mind was to get my new John Lewis Hot pink mini sewing machine up and banishing my fear of sewing failure ( i can be really haphazard on a sewing machine) Sew (excuse the pun) I decided I really wanted to sew myself a new sort of new pleated A-line skirt. I took the plunge with some cheap cotton fabric and got sewing whilst I watched a desperate Romantics on dvd. 

The skirt itself isn't made to any pattern, I do have one but I wasn't in the mood and wanted to free hand, living on the edge. I was pleasantly surprised at myself...I lined the skirt as well. I hadn't made a skirt in about eight years so doing something different has given me that boost to finally get my dress and skirt collection together. It took me an hour from start to finish I think I may embroider it. I am loving embracing the hand-made and having a break from the hustle and bustle of freelance life.

Have you done something different today if so I would love to hear what it is?

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3 August 2013

From my Desk : Illustrated Inspiring Women 1 Bri Emery

As Part of my new Series "From my desk" comes Inspiring women, this is a blog post where I will look at Ladies who have inspired me and made me think far more positive about life and take more interest in the world that surrounds us.

So my First lady of Inspiration is Bri Emery from one of my all time favorite blogs Design love fest. Bri seems to have an inescapable love for life that is something I think we all need to embrace more on our blogs. I was absorbed instantly when I discovered Bri's blog, ( can't actually remember how) I am slightly in love with Bri's style her boho look is just amazing from one of her recent posts, makes me wish I had never chopped my locks off...!

The above illustration was created by me from a series of fun portraits and outfit shots Bri did with Benefit. Makes me wish i was a stylish detective with a smoke machine...

I know it sounds really silly and something small, but it was Bri who inspired me to wear bright colours ( hello red shoes) again and embrace my creative side when i felt lost and uninspired with blogging about a year ago. She also inspired me to take the time to photograph the simple things again like notebooks, flowers turning everyday objects into things that should be admire.

Bri runs a blogshop that looks like an absolute dream to attend. I just love looking at the photos she shares of the blogshop sessions on her blog. Being given the chance to glimpse into her creative mind is an absolute privilege as a blogger. With a crazy amount of energy for sharing her style, creations and love for life makes (for me) Bri one of the most inspirational bloggers out there. I hope you enjoy Bri's lovely blog and how inspiring she is.

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2 August 2013

New Liptstick

I bought new lipstick and it made me so happy that i even wore it just to finish my commission work and business emails. Its always nice when something small and probably really insignificant can make you smile. looking good always makes me feel better. My brother bought me a bright red Kate Moss lipstick, ( i sent him to buy me one) he made a brilliant choice. Remember its the little things in life.

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1 August 2013

Hire Ella Masters to illustrate for you.

Ever fancied yourself a custom portrait for you and your love one? Custom one off wedding invitations for your special day or your childs birthday party? Are you a blogger and want to have a custom blogger created so you and your blog stand out? well then look no further. Over here at Ella Masters, I have been working through my diary and I have a few spaces available to create custom illustrations. I can create work for your blog, shop or website. You can see examples of my work here at Ella Masters Portfolio. I mainly create work for Bloggers and online shops, specailising in hand-written typography, quirky illustrated portrait work and tattoos . You can also see my professional cv over on LinkedIn.

So here is a little history on me Ella, I graduated from University College Falmouth in 2010 with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine art, But before that i did my foundation degree at Camberwell College of arts part of the arts London, in which i specialised in fine art. I have exhibited nationwide and in various magazines, I have been featured on many different websites and blogs. I also fully illustrated the header and other elements of this blog layout.

Prices for custom illustrations and paintings do vary depending on what you are after and what style you are wanting, for a full quote you can leave a comment below (with contact details) or drop me an email at ellas_blog@hotmail ( dot) co.uk  and a full list of prices and styles can be sent out.I have a select few spots left in August so I have currently just finished 30 commissions in july, i look forward to hearing from you.


Having fun with Aero the Aero bubble challenge


 I was contacted the other day by the lovely @LifeAtRed  about this fun Aero challenge whilst I was sat in a pub in oxford whilst me and my youngest brother chatted about life....I told about the challenge and I have never seen him so happy! So a few weeks later here we go.  I am just going to say now that I was obsessed with mint aero chocolate...thats beside the point. So after watching my brothers bounce around the house for the last few days. We decided to venture out over our allotment and have a good old mess around. Now it was a childhood dream to own a space hopper, I was a left over child of the 80's slinkys, yoyo's and anything colourful and remotely dangerous were our thing (totally 100% sarcastic on the danger part). 

Can I just say a lot of other adults did give me and my brother a very odd look, I believe it was because they had been overcome by jealousy at the fun we were having so, we carried on jumping up and down the road and yes it did involve me occasionally falling of into a row of flowers but who cares. Don't worry i didn't hop about and eat the Aero Bubbles, now that would be dangerous.

So we bounced alot, it was very warm and we bounced about picked flowers and the hopper was great as an escape when my brother was being chased by bumble bees. What would you do if you had an adult sized space hopper? well you can read more to find out how you could win yours.

You could win your own Bubble Hopper Kit and lots of lovely Aero bubbles. There will 5 winners will be selected All you need to do is comment in the comment box below with  your own idea of how to use the bubble hopper kit in an unusual and creative way. Contact information like an email is needed aswell so you can be easily contacted. 
If you have been selected you will hear back by the 12th August, please remember to come up with a fun and unusual way to use the kit. ( Please remember to stay safe)

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