26 September 2013

life changes

I made a point a few weeks ago after being very poorly to choose to eat a lot healthier. Unable to eat for three weeks due to the fact no matter what I ate as soon as it hit my stomach I became violently sick with agonizing stomach ache, back ache and abdominal pain. It was a pretty terrifying time for me as it came out of the blue and really knocked me for six. I absolute hate being ill anything that makes me panic about being poorly or having to get tested. That was nearly two months ago and nearly two stone shed and the illness under control I am feeling far more like myself.
So to treat myself I had a little shopping spree in New Look. Hello new autumnal knits and high waisted jeans. I am a little bit in love with the deep green light knit top that I am wearing which is from new look the deep colour is rather lovely. Here is me wishing I could buy them in every colour.

I am fully filled to the nines with Vitamin tablets, supplements and plenty of fruit to get my insides all happy and loved feeling again. Now just learning to exercise properly is my problem. I have re-taken up yoga, god i love it. Just dealing with the crunches and squats is the pain at the moment...I have discovered I have zero stomach muscles. I will have buns of steal! haha

I only have one more stone to loose before my sisters hen do here is hoping I can avoid chocolate until then, not entirely sure I have the will power but I am really enjoying eating lovely home made food and fresh fruit, it's good to be on the mend and thank you to the lovely blogger ladies who supported me through the rubbish stressful times.



24 September 2013

Dressing like a Haim Sister this autumn.

How amazing are these three ladies god i love Haim! Its been nice to get back into good music, it has been too long for me. It use to be one of my favorite ways to relax, finding their music takes me back to when I first discovered good music back in the summer of like 2003!

I am personally a little bit obsessed with the Haim sister's fashion sense making me highly envious of the way they style every shoot, gig and instagram outfit. 

I had a little browse on the internet to see if I could find a few affordable staple pieces that i felt a little bit Haim worthy. I couldn't fit any Kimono's onto the mood board oops! I do love a good kimono I wish I could afford to add to my wardrobe. 

I love their heavy mix of rock, hippie vibe.  What with long flowing locks and delicate dresses mixed with heavy chunky leather boots. Its nice to see a healthy does of fashion sense and real talent. Love how recently Alana chatted about the naturalness of their look "I think it’s just what we wake up and put on. With fashion it’s kind of what’s comfortable and what covers your bits." Probably my personal fashion aims ha!

The way the girls dress is beautifully accessible, I love anything that has a comfort factor to it. I am definitely going to be embracing my inner most rock star this autumn mixing delicate pieces with chunkier knits and leather boots.



16 September 2013

New t-shirts by Ella Masters Illustration

Can you tell by my face I am rather happy about the new T-shirts I have had printed? You can buy them from my Etsy site which is Ella Masters Illustration, 

All t-shirts are professionally printed which is what I have been waiting to create since starting my illustration company 9 months ago, I finally took the plunge and invested in good quality and if I could have one I would but alas my job is to sell them! 
I am currently juggling running the business with trying to set up my own clothing label, which the new t-shirts will eventually be part of my new apparel label all really rather exciting but a lot to be dealing with on top of commissions and working full time at the school I teach at. Talking of beautiful Apparel my lovely friend jenni has set up an amazing new clothing company called Dirty Stag Ltd This is something I have actually really missed from being around creative people, being able to share ideas and business talk! Its such a relief to chat about all the geeky stuff! Jenni creates lovely totes and t-shirts under her brand name featuring quirky stag characters...pretty awesome stuff!

I have had a lot of people ask if I will be at renegade for both days and the answer is a massive yes! so excited you have no idea....these t-shirts will be available along with totes, tea cups and other bearded tattooed things!  


14 September 2013

these boots are made for walking

Boots / Topshop
Jacket / Topshop
High waited jeans / Newlook 
t-shirt / topshop
Necklace / Zara customised by me

There is nothing that cheers me up like buying something that you have waited a while to purchase. I haven't bought myself anything new for a while. I do love a good bit of retail therapy (this has been very unlike me though recently I have been saving everything I make but i just needed new things.) Today I popped to the shop with my family, with only one thing on my purchase list, buy new boots from New Look. But after spending an hour sorting things out for my sisters wedding, I decided I needed to head over to New Look to buy these boots which I can't get online, only to find my local New Look flooded. Needing new boots for work I ventured into Topshop and found these Metal trim boots, at £80 which is way out of my normal price range I just treated myself. Would you believe it they make me almost look like I've finally reached a normal height!
In other news I have decided that I am wanting to grow my fringe out! I haven't not had a fringe for a good few years, I have had a few people ask me what colour hair dye I use, its actually a mixture of my hair dye finally washing out and my natural. I am trying to grow the colour out so its the aftermath of having cyber purple hair. My current hair style and colour crush has to be Kate's beautiful new hair style from Gh0stparties.  Total babe!

I am once again enjoying dressing up ( being a freelancer there is no compulsion to dress in anything nice whilst sat alone at a desk) what with being back at work and having to be presentable everyday has really pushed me to pull apart my wardrobe and once again enjoy whats been hidden away. Plus loosing the weight from being ill over the summer has meant a tiny little bit more confidence in what I'm wearing totally a rare feeling for me.

Talking of confidence hello new Ella Masters Illustrated t-shirts ( Big Pop) ( Bite me Tattooed lady ). All professionally screen printed and for all my readers here is a discount code for 10% off the t-shirts please use code Newtees2013 this only runs till Monday 16th September 2013.


12 September 2013

burgers by brother

My lovely brother as a treated decided to make me and mum some lovely home made burgers, before I headed back to work full time. He has however become slightly obsessed with burgers. We have been sampling them where we go. It was one of the first things I had eaten in about 4 weeks without being sick. If you didn't know I had been really poorly over the summer and to end my summer being able to devour these amazing burgers might possibly of been the best. I think the burgers themselves were mince meat, onion, egg, thyme and oregano.

Saul topped his off with unsmoked bacon whilst I had cheese and onions, mum just had a burger due to her allergies but we had such fun enjoying the last of the sun, with a ridiculous amount of ketchup on the sidem  it was probably the best burger I had ever eaten. Feed me and I am a happy lady!


9 September 2013

Double denim

The hair is finally back to its old rather large self! I am still surprised how fast it has grown since February. Only if I could bottle it and sell it I would be a millionaire. I only chopped my fringe about three weeks ago and now I am wishing I had just grown it out high maintenance hair is really not my thing.

I have headed back to my day job, so whilst I had a few pennies from my last paycheck I popped into H&M and bought myself the lovely worn denim frilly sleeved top, I'm a little bit in love with it. It definitely hides what i think is my worst feature my arms! So its one of my must wear items at the moment. The high waited jeans are very old worn out, hello massive worn holes on the inside leg! I have just bought myself a pair of new Black High waisted jeans from New Look, determined to look neater as I am now 25...its hard when you are a scruffy muck at heart. When it comes to my rings I picked them up at the big feastival I shall be blogging about it pretty soon ( knuckle rings are from RRL but i will be selling them in a bit on the blog.)

I can't get over how Autumnal it feels, it seems to have seeped into the evenings and early mornings without us noticing. I do love Autumn right now I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of winter boots. I feel like they need a heel...I would love to buy a pair from ASOS but alas my small feet vary between 2.5-3.5 it just wouldn't be the best idea. Have you discovered the perfect pair of Autumnal boots? what are you looking forward to this Autumn?


3 September 2013

how to display your art with out there interiors

who would of thought a plate rack would make such a wonderful art work holder. The people from Out there interiors sent me an item of my choice and i chose the Narrow distressed plate rack with the intentions of putting it on my wall for my orders and illustrations.

I chose the turquoise colour just because its one of my favorites and it matches my wilkinsons lamp. I love to surround myself with bright colours because they cheer me up and keep me inspired. 
There is quite a lot of colourful items over at Out there interiors, i have selected a few of my favorite colourful items that they stock. This rocking chair has an amazing twist of modern and old about it, i need this giant cup stool in my life oh my its pretty amazing! Perfect way of adding colour to any room is a rather brightly coloured retro lamp. There are a wonderful array of products, that would can find over on the website . I am a bit of a sucker for home accessories as you can probably tell from looking at my jam packed room and studio, only if I had room for a set of rock 'n' roll hands or a ghetto blaster tool box?! I need a bigger room!

The rack itself is very sturdy and holds a lot of paper, i suppose if its meant to hold plates, my work is safe. It is the perfect solution for holding odd bits of work and art work like mine, because it saves it from getting wet, trampled on and it looks pretty! It comes already assembled so you don't have to worry about that. 

You have to love a good fun and quirky piece, that makes an impact on your room or space and it is always nice when it is practical, as we speak my plate rack is pretty jammed with commission illustrations and colourful pieces of art, even a canvas. Now to just get over this dreaded lung infection and I will be back in the studio.

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