31 October 2013

London tattoo convention

Its been a month since the London Tattoo convention, and I am only just getting around to sharing a few photos from the day. I went along with Jenni from Dirty Stag to lure her to the dark side that is loving anything to do with  tattoos! We most of the day wandering around the stall and speaking to the creators. I fell in love with the jewellery created by the ever so lovely Rosita you can find it here it at Rosita Bonita how amazing is her mermaid necklace! It was lovely also to bump into Em and her lovely curious oddities!

The day was lovely and inspiring and was great to surround myself with crazy amounts of tattoos and not to mention Bearded men! Was good to hang out with Chris Millington and Lee for a little while. 

One of the main reasons I popped along to the convention was to hang out and see the ever so lovely Alice and Nicola of Things an Ink magazine. Would be an absolute dream to work for the magazine (just saying girls haha) we had a good old laugh and talked about tattoos and grabbed ourselves so lovely temporary tattoos.  I am definitely going apply to sell there next year.

As you can see for the day both me and Jenni dressed up in our own creations, Jenni in her dirty stag floral sweater and me in my famous Big Pop T-shirt.
I personally didn't get myself anymore ink, I am waiting to loose another half a stone before I get my next piece, which I am pretty sure I will be sharing with you once I have it done until then enjoy!


21 October 2013

I've been away

I feel like I may have disappeared off the the face of the blogging world recently, my days have been filled with working my day job and then in the evening busying myself working away on new stock and getting ready for Renegade.

Here is a little weekly update sharing what I have been working on. Next week is half term and you have no idea how excited I am about having some time off! I'll also get to see my two best mates we haven't been reunited for two years so I have a crazy amount to fit in, in the next few weeks.

Little update on the weight loss I have managed to loose (somehow) two half stone, 10 weeks without chocolate is pretty much killing me...but I am definitely feeling a million times better for it! I would quite like to say replacing the chocolate with dried fruit has been wonderful but that would be a lie ha!

I can't wait to properly get back to blogging but whilst my days are filled with just work I doubt very much I will be blogging.


13 October 2013

a little something

There is something about this photo that I took a few months back whilst walking around the graduate illustrations shows on Brick Lane that sums up a love for people watching, fashion and art. It makes me happy so I wanted to share what makes me happy with you.


10 October 2013

A day at the Big Feastival with Electrolux

A few weeks a go at the end of August I was invited to the Big Feastival by Electrolux.  Now I am a massive lover of festivals and i am a massive lover of food so this combination is just perfect. I took mum along with me as my plus one as she has never been to a festival before. 

First up as soon as we got to the Feastival which was on Blur's Bassist Alex Jame's farm we headed over to the Electrolux suite as we were booked onto the Electrolux chef's secrets course. The chef that was instructing us and teaching us how to cook was Tim Kitchen As I'm not the most competent cook mum helped me along, god we had such a laugh and sous chef was just the loveliest. He practically stuck with us the whole time because basically I was the worst helper and I think he felt sorry for me and mum and picked up that my accent wasn't that posh and as a fellow Londoner we chatted for a while and mum snapped some pictures. 

One of the main reasons I decided to choose the line up on the Sunday as the line sounded like good fun, We wondered over to the main stage after our cooking session and caught the ever lovely Lawrence Fox singing some wonderful self penned tunes, seriously a massive fan of this man. Currently sat watching his tv show Lewis as I type this! haha 

Me and Mum picked some lovely pieces for lunch mine mainly involved home made chocolate brownies and Hot chocolate and whilst in the cue I got to meet Adam from from Country File. Also whilst I was sat listening to the music we bumped into Hollywood film star  Jason Flemyng.

 I also naughtily made a few purchases whilst I was at the Feastival, two beautiful rings from the Medusa stall (which I have subsequently misplaced in the last few weeks) and a lovely vintage purchase that I will be sharing in a separate post. 

One of my favorite acts I have ever seen live would have to be the Cuban brothers seriously if you have never seen them before, seriously the most hilarious live band ever, I don't think I have ever seen mum laugh so much, then Jamie Oliver came out with Alex James came out and played a hilarious set.

We wandered around until late evening people watching we had such a wonderful day. As we wander around KT Tunstall and mark Owen played in the background on the main stage. The weather was lovely and warm, an all round nice day. We drank lovely herbal tea and listening to Alex James talk about cheese. The Feastival would be perfect for a family day out, spending the day with friends and family eating great food and meeting lovely people. The train journey home me and mum made good friends with a lovely girl called Abbey as all 3 of us sat on the floor of a very packed train glad with what was a wonderful day. Thank you Electrolux for a beautiful end to my summer.

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