24 November 2013

weekend stripes

 Breton top / Primark
Jeans / River Island
Western boots / Topsjop
Necklace / handmade / Zara
Jacket / Zara

Its the weekend again guys, and I am so grateful for my days off, I am currently watching the Great Gatsby and swooning over Leonardo Dicaprio, such a babe!Little bit in love with all the Glitz and Glamor.

Just another Saturday spent sorting things for my sisters wedding and I might of picked up a bargain or two whilst out shopping,  excuse my mess of a hair do, a mix of laziness and trying out my new Enrapture Wand. Not going to lie I am a little bit in love with it.

Today's outfit is just basic and easy to wear an everyday Ella outfit if you will. I think everyone needs one of those outfits, I've never really been a jogging bottom slouchy tee kinda girl....so it will always be Breton top and ripped jeans all the way.

This week has been rather stressful resulting in me gaining 2 lb which has just added to my frustration, I think drinking less tea has done that to me. I did go on a bit of a vegetable shopping spree today in morrisons which is something I never thought I would bore you all with, or bore myself enough to blog about!

I have spent my Sunday hunting for the perfect flat and trying to organise things, snapping new pictures for new features and trying to organise my life ready to re-open my shop, I have had a crazy amount of emails asking when will it re-open hopefully end of next week. Time to get the studio sorted hey guys!?

I will share some studio snaps with you once everything is in its rightful place.  Hope you have had a good weekend


21 November 2013

I miss paris

I miss Paris 
I miss strolling the streets and boulevards not knowing, what is round the next corner
I miss eating croissants with one of my favorite little ladies
I miss meeting new people, drinking french beer and laughing
I miss wearing dainty dresses and bathing in the sun
I miss crazy amounts of pastries, crepes and ice cream 
I miss Paris

*All photos are taken by me please don't take or use them without permission!


19 November 2013

Oh life : Learning to let go breaking up with friends

First up I just wanted to welcome you to my new mini series called "Oh life" were I want to talk about subjects that I've experienced and a little more about life. 

Friendship, I have written, deleted and re-written this blog post over the last few weeks, unable to really put certain things into words. I have had friends in the past drift in and out of my life over the last few years never really been effected by it,  But after a recent spell of hard times you can get an idea from my post on my depression. A long term friend decided that our friendship apparently wasn't worth it anymore, deciding to move on deleting me from facebook and twitter.
I think sometimes in life friendships like anything have their natural life span, and do inevitable disappear and flit away into nothing. I was discussing all of this with one of my favorite people Lyzi, it did really hurt me that someone who has played a major part in your life growing up, can suddenly just deem you replaceable and no longer worth your time.
I figured the best thing to do was just to let go. Its horrible breaking up with a friend and maybe pride plays a part in it, but thats all i can do is to let go. I'm not the kind of person to chase and waste my time perusing s friendship that isn't deemed worthwhile by the other person. Sometimes in life there are things worth fighting for and sometimes it gets to a point were unfortunately no matter how great the good times were they out weigh the times when that person wasn't there for you.

Everything that we go through is meant to be for a reason, and yeah seriously its probably always going to slightly annoy me that someone thinks it acceptable to be so cold and uncaring but then again breaking up with a friend was the same why that probably all my boyfriends have ended it with me, so whats the difference hey? So I thought to myself I wonder if i'm the only one who has experienced this. So I decided I would put some feelers out there about how others felt about the subject here are just a few tweets you lovelies sent.

A lot of people talked about how hard it was breaking up with friends , but also at the same time you felt that it was a good thing. Something to move on from and feel positive eventually. So there is some positives to move on from a friendship. I guess like everything in life, we grow out of our friends and we do loose touch, like I talked about earlier everything has its natural progression.
It's sad to know that certain people will always have a slight jealousy that clouds a friendship, and that is really sad isn't it.

So I guess this is me saying its ok to let go, you can't possibly maintain a one sided friendship, there will be a time to move on and if its a godsend someone deleting you off facebook there is a reason. You probably like me may never know. Learn from it and know that all things happen for a reason, you may not realise why, maybe that person is just down right out of order, I personally think sometimes it best to walk away. Believe me I wanted to send a few text which i saved to drafts first and gave myself breathing time to realise that you know what I don't want to get into the nasty side of things. It's good to break away and realise its healthier that way.

Have you experienced something similar? Is it easy to let go?

I would just like to state that this friendship was for almost 15 years, and wasn't based around social media.


18 November 2013

a #BigKnit giveaway with innocent

There is nothing cuter then mini knitter bobble hats for your drinks right? well Innocent created The Big Knit 10 years ago. To celebrate Innocent contacted me for a chance for Ella readers to win a months supply of smoothies.

Innocent launched the big knit 10 years ago to support and promote the charity Age Uk, donating 25p of each sold smoothie to the charity. This in turn will help  keep elderly people warm and healthy in these chilly winter months. The lovely Lily Cole has collaborated with Innocent to create a limited edition of full-size bobble hat range. How absolutely adorable are they, nothing like busting out a bobble hat designed by  super model this winter!

Innocent have gifted me the chance of one Ella reader the chance of winning a months supply of smoothies, to enter just follow the instruction below.

1. Tweet: I have entered the #BigKnit give away to win a months supply of smoothies with @ella_masters

2. Leave me a little comment below letting me know you've entered via twitter.

Please remember to be a follower of my blog and my twitter @ella_masters to be considered for entry Please remember to use the hashtag #BigKnit and my twitter handle @ella_masters so that we can keep track of all tweets. Competition will close on Wednesday 20th and drawn by the end of the week. You will receive the prize in voucher form.



Highland jig!

Newlook / Jumper
Primark / Dress
Western boots / Topshop
Hand brooch / Ella Masters Illustration
Glasses / Tiger

I think I might have just found one of my most favorite outfits ever, Tartan me? never! The other day during a little shopping trip I spotted the tartan dress in Primark, I had spotted Lucy Watson of made In Chelsea fame wearing one recently ( hers is from missguided) and I'm not gonna lie I did fall in love with it just a tad.

Its probably a dress I thought that would never suit it, but I really love how the collar stands out from the red tartan, it is pretty similar to my family Tartan  which makes me love it more! I haven't worn anything tartan since I was about 8 and I had a green tartan dress with a really itchy petticoat, I swore I would never wear anything Tartan again...oops, those damn trend sucking me in!

I don't often wear on trend items just because I don't have the money to chase around every piece. Its just nice occasionally to get one piece that is on trend and mix it with old finds and thrifted pieces.The jumper is one of my favorites, I bought it about 2 months ago from New look it goes with pretty much anything. I do love the mix of the jumper and dress, making me look slightly like a school kid!

I never ever wear my hair up, just because I have always been a tad paranoid about my chubby face hello double chin....and always thought that its something that I have never really been confident with, its nice to hide behind a mass of hair! But I made a mess bun up-do, when my hair was wet just to get out of my eyes whilst painting. There isn't any products or styling its just how my fringe falls naturally, so I doubt it will look this good for work...its always the way hey!? I am finally happy with the colour after washing it on hot to get the residue of hair dye out from last week.  Hello plum hair for Autumn!

I would love to know what are your opinions on the Tartan trend?  


17 November 2013

Lazing on a sunday afternoon

Its not often I have a day of doing literally nothing but today has been lovely not having to worry about anything. It has been filled with painting, drawing, outfit photos and watching Made in Chelsea. I find that program annoyingly addictive!

My fringe is finally growing out and you have no idea how happy this makes me, excuse my dodgy toes I just adore the new L'Oreal glittery nail varnish.

Don't worry there is food involved in my lazy sunday, and a crazy amount of tea I just never photographed it...its nice to finally get back to using my proper camera, as I found whilst i have been away from blogging I only ever used my iphone to snap pics to put on Intagram. You can find me over at _ellamasters_ For a while instagram kinda killed blogging for me. So its nice to finally get back to what I love. Sundays are perfect for a lil blogging, all I need now is to put Harry Potter on eat my roast and snuggle under a duvet or two. 

How have you spent your Sunday?


16 November 2013

black, black and black

I'm not really one for buying things on a whim anymore but I wondered into Zara today to but myself a new jumper, but when my beady eyes happened upon this rather simple fur jacket I thought oohh well thats nice, it wasn't until i put it on I fell in love. The price tag did make me slightly panic, but I figured if I wore it everyday then thats ok! haha!
At the moment when it comes to what I am wearing the simpler the better. A black outfit with a pop of colour always works best for me. The jumper and leggings are both from new look and if I am honest I would of never picked them normally as I do find jumpers look way too frumpy on me, but I am a little in love with this outfit. 

I have actually dyed my hair since I last shot these pictures, it is meant to be plum, I did really want to dye it cyber purple, like in I did a year or so ago but my lazy bones didn't want to take me any further then my local boots that didn't stock it. So I settled for plum.
Update on my weight-loss I have finally dropped a dress size and now I am a size 14, this is great news for my bridesmaids dress..woohoo.

In other blog news i have a few new features, and some exciting collaborations lined up now that I have closed my online shop for a little while and getting back into blogging is something I have wanted to do for a while so watch this space lovelies, you have all been so supportive in my absence so thank you.

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