7 January 2014

Cornish Adventure part 2

Back in June me and mum went on a Cornish Adventure, you can see part 1 over at Adventures to Cornwall I wanted to share with one of my favorite parts of the trip, eating Cake at The Kitchenside in Looe. I had never really had Red Velvet cake before, I had made some whilst at uni that wasn't really red velvet as I was pretty much missing a lot of ingredients, so I was a bit of a piggy and devour the whole slice along with a gallon of tea. 

The Kitchenside is a quaint little tea shop selling lovely hand-made cakes and refreshments. I think that day I had, had a million pasties and a massive portion of fish and chips and I still found space to fit the lovely cake it, maybe it was all the Cornish sea air?


  1. I've never had red velvet cake either! heard delicious things about it!

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  2. Ah that red velvet looks gorgeous!

  3. I've still yet to try Red Velvet cake too, but that looks delicious! The vintage plates and saucers are so pretty as well!
    Emma xx Wallflower Wardrobe

  4. It looks like such a perfect tea shop, and that cake looks divine! x


  5. Oh, I really want to visit Cornwall. ♥ Looks lovely and so does the cake!
    I live on the North East coast so I know all about that sea air. It makes you hungry and tired. Haha. Or that's my excuse anyway.

    Abigail x

  6. Beautiful photos!! Looks like a wonderful outing!! xo

  7. I've never had red velvet cake but by the looks of things I need to try it! Places like Cornwall are so lovely for their little tea shops.

  8. I'm just not sure about red velvet cake - I haven't tried it, either, but I think the colour sort of puts me off.

  9. Red Velvet Cake ahhhhhh *drools* I'd love to visit Cornwall so bad!!

  10. I love trips to the coast <3 especially cornwall. Cant wait to go back soon!



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