28 January 2014

Tea Tuesdays with Whittards tea : a little chintz

A few weeks ago I started a new illustrated blog series solely based on my love of tea, when the lovely people behind whittards tea contacted me to illustrate some of there selection of tea and pretty cups I thought this was the perfect opportunity to doodle some pretty tea cups and recommend some good tea.  So without further a due, here is my first installment of whittards tea and fine china. 

 As I said in my last Tea post, I only drink Decaf tea due to awful caffeine induced migraines  so when I discovered they create a decaf version I fell in love. I am a PG tips girl, so branching out with tea fills we with way more excitement then it probably should. The Decaffeinated tea from Whittards is delightful, i have my tea with 2 sugars and a splash of milk, it had a good strong taste to it and being able to drink it out of the blue Chintz cup and saucer set made the whole experience of drinking the tea feel very special. The tea cup itself looks really dainty, it is but it is really well made and very sturdy, being clumsy fool I am prone to the occasional heart breaking moment of breaking my favorite mug, so I will do my best to be careful with the fine bone china gem. 

The Blue Chintz reminds me of my mum antique fine bone china tea cups, it's a lot more dainty then my thick anthropologie mugs, its the perfect tea cup to have at a tea party...anyone fancy inviting me to one? 

 After a long and tiring day at work one of my little pleasures is sitting down doing a few doodles and drinking a good old brew, the Decaffeinated blend was so warming and comforting during this horrible weather. If like me you can't consume too much caffeine I highly recommend the Whittards Decaffeinated Breakfast tea, also the packaging is so pretty, and matches the Blue Chintz cup.... that's the artist in me that loves to co-ordinate colours. Thanks Whittards until next week I would love to know if you've tried any whittards tea or if you have a favorite tea cup or mug?

*illustrations by Ella Masters copywrite please do not use with out permission *gifted/sponsored post


  1. I drink so much tea it's crazy! I am like Mrs Doyle. It definitely makes any situation better. Thank God for tea. xx

  2. the chintz cup looks so pwetty! my sister has loads of that and using them I always felt I had to be extra careful :) liking those illustrations representing your blogpost about the wonderful tea! xx

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  3. Its wierd, Ive never been a tea or coffee drinker. I often see people clutching their warm mugs, drinking tea as if its love in liquid form and feel really jealous- maybe i should give it another go. Great paintings, as ever, btw :)

  4. I've never tried this one, but I definitely want to! It's always lovely to see a package in the mail of tea from my mum at uni haha xo

  5. Oh Ella, I absolutely love this! :) Nothing beats a proper cuppa. x

  6. Beautiful illustrations! Cool, serie of illustration about tea! <3 I love chocolate and coffe, here in Brazil we don't have the habit of tea.

  7. Gorgeous illustrations as always :) can we have a tea party when I come to visit? xxx

  8. Such lovely illustrations, the tea-cup is so pretty!xx

  9. I don't think I've ever tried Whittard's tea. I only drink green or herbal teas though as I'm not really a fan of regular, much more of a coffee girls. Lemon and ginger is a favourite of mine, I'll have to investigate if W's do a version!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  10. I love you illustrations.

  11. I love your illustrations.

  12. I love tea too, I worked at Whittards for a year whilst studying for my Masters. They do lovely fruit and herbals teas - no caffeine in them at all! Your illustrations are really pretty, I've definitely found a new blog to follow here :)

  13. Beautiful!! Love water color
    is funny I found you days ago, and now I saw you in the LBloggerschat

    xo from Central America

  14. Fellow tea lover here. You illustrations are beautiful! xoxo, Julie | alonewithmytea.blogspot.com


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