26 February 2014

happy colourfest!

Patterned Jacket | Ever Ours 
Jeans | River Island 
Coral Silk top | Toshop
Coin Necklace | Topshop
Bee Necklace | Belle Toujour
Loafers | Primark 
Watch | Olivia Burton 

This is just a total colourfest...which is what I love, obviously minus the very sober black ripped jeans and loafers! I was meant to wear this out the other night to visit friends, but my damn anxieties got the better of me and I didn't go out in the end, a lot to my friends annoyance but what can you do when your brain takes over!

I am still having an absolute mare with my frizzy out of place mane, since getting it stripped at the hair-dressers. I've stripped my hair before but with home kits and its never taken this long to settle back...so frizzy so wild!

In other news, I have just about recovered from my nightmare day yesterday, after having a mother of all asthma attacks walking to work. Took me a while to recover, I did a few hours at work before my body decided it had enough so I had to go home, first time ever in my life I've had to leave work. I'm one of those people that powers through no matter what, but the poor body had to have a rest....all is good now though. 

Getting back to this outfit, since loosing 4 stone, I am more then happy now to have my picture taken when I am wearing jeans (I use to have such a hangup about my damn thighs?) . It's a bit odd but since having my thigh tattoo, I have gained so much more confidence with my legs they are tiny but I am slowly getting more confident having full body snaps taken. Rather weird, but I am trying to embrace a more positive attitude towards my body, I think that its has a little bit to do with reading the wonderful blog by Gala Darling all that positive thinking and radical self love is rubbing off on me! That and the fact I stood up for myself in regards to a rubbish man treating me like absolute crap woo girl power! So as I type this I have one of my favorite Albums Peroxide playing ( have a listen its awesome!) by the mega babe that is Nina Nesbitt (blog post coming soon) and I am a little bit in love with life! Why don't you put something fabulous and colourful on make a list of things that make you happy to cheer you up if you are feeling down?!


25 February 2014

east london

 Urban outfitter tee
River island jeans
Office leather boots
Zara necklace/handmade
Zara jacket

Sweet East London adventures with friends are one of my favorite things to do at the weekend! So when Lyzi came to stay for a few days we flipped a coin (went flying down the met line carriage) and ended up heading to one of my favorite parts of town Brick lane/Liverpool street area. 

As a teenager and when I was doing my foundation degree I become pretty obsessed with street art so whenever I walk past a new piece I can't help but document it! I have quite a few friends that are street artists, so I can enjoy the beauty and see the hard work that has gone into creating it. The walls around Brick lane area never stay constant, I think that's why I love it so much its always changing! Sorry for the boobies, but I just love the poster...made me smile so enjoy! We visited the ever so lovely neon Lik + Neon shop on sclater street that has cute cats and cute illustrated goodies, we wandered past Kahaila Cafe that sells some of the best cake in East London ( I will feature this beautiful little cafe in another East London adventure post soon).

So we popped into a few shops, I grabbed some tees from Urban outfitters, comfiest t-shirts on the planet and just wandered around and took in the sights. Plus we also went to Wagamama's and stuffed our faces...just because we could!

I was thinking of compiling an A to Z of ella's London would anybody be up for reading a series of blog posts based on hangouts, coffee shops, museums that I love to visit?


24 February 2014

Step by step guide to painting a portrait / fashion illustration in Gouache and watercolour paint with Ella

So today this blog post is a little different to the kind of blogs I have posted about before (to do with my work) i am going to take an in depth look at my technique and style. I will do my best, as I personally taught myself all the techniques I know I am a trained artist but everyone works differently. I work in watercolour and Gouache I will talk through the pans and tubes that I work in a little later....

So if you are totally staring out as a newbie and that has blown your mind, and you have a tone of questions, here is a list of things you will need to create good watercolour work.

- A variety of brushes ( nylon bristle, natural) doesn't matter 
- waterolours, I use Daler and Rowney pans because they are da bomb! 
- Gouache Paint (mine are designer Gouache tubes)
   ( i have been using them since i was 4)
- Good water colour paper ( I use Goldline 200gsm cold pressed)
- A sharp pencil
- putty rubber / standard rubber
- water!
- HOPE!, hope is always good when being an artist!
By the way, go out and buy cheap versions if you feel like it, if you are starting out it is always good to keep costs down, the pound shop do a good selection, the works, sussex book shops, Wilkinsons local stationers.

 This can be a total pain for a beginner, skin tone is one of my favorite parts of painting portraiture the harder the illustration the better. So when I am working with watercolours or Gouache i always use the lightest colours first, so definitely water these colours down. I am going to talk about shading, skin tone, pencil work and highlighting.

Step 1 is my base colour often consisting of a lot of water, a burnt umber colour and probably a deep red/rose with a lot of water and give this a generous was over the areas you are working on.

Step 2, add a little bit more colour mix it together on your palette never on your painting, I often add a little brown and green.

Step 3 once the second layer is dry you can just use the same colours you were using in 1 & 2 because it is dry watercolours are a build up paint, so its perfect for adding simple shadows.

step 4 I always add a little more blue, burnt umber and rose and sort of mix, it working quickly because watercolours dry fast leaving a sort of on paper stain.

I hate working wet on wet, I don't like not having control over the work, so often I use from step 3-4 as little water as possible just to make the colours stand out!

 Highlighting is a simple technique once your skin tone is coloured in and settled, I use white Gouache paint, rather thick and without a lot of water across the areas, that I want to accentuate. Often the cheeks, nose, eyes and lips! I think it adds a little bit of fun to the illustration and makes it stand out. You can also get this technique using gum Arabic, but i hate the stuff, always ruins my work and smells fishy! haha

Shading, I don't often leave pencil marks on my illustrations as once you have painted over in watercolour or gouache you can rub off, but for this illo I have left it in just so I can show you a simple shading technique. I only ever now since doing my degree use mechanical pencils ( All of my art Equipment is purchased from Cowling and Wilcox in East London) So I use Pentel Mechanical Pencils 0.5mm0.7mm / 0.9mm For this Illustration, I used a 0.7mm Pencil as I love the lines and the depth of the shading it creates. 

Now when it comes to the shirt there isn't any real technique, but I will talk you through it as best I can. All you need for this sort of bold colour is, a good Gouache paint, and for the shading i have just mixed it up with a little Ivory black with Ultramarine so it has a sort of deep colour, it seems to have mixed with the rose ( which is my ultimate favorite) and then I just add a little pencil....

That's kinda how i work...I hope that has helped if you have any other questions just let me know


23 February 2014

staying creative Readers Question : How do you get brave enough to share such personal things?

1.How do you get brave enough to share such personal thing? 
2. How do I get brave enough to share my story?

I recently discussed over sharing with Gem Cairney at a recent Fox problem event, and I have been thinking about this topic in blogging and online presence a IG follower (vantagejewellery) posed the question to me. For me sharing my personal thoughts, fear and inspiration is a major part of who I am,  for me my blog is a little bit like an extension of my personal diary, minus all the truly personal relationship stuff. I decide a long time ago to embrace the personality that I have and let this flow through my blog,  mine (personality)  is a weird mix of shyness and forward to the point of cringe!

If unlike me you find it hard or virtually impossible to be so open online, i have a few ideas and strategies that might help, they might not, but I will try my best to help you over the shyness...

One of the things I do is I don't think to much about what I write, I go with a feeling, and run with it. It helps I guess with my dyslexia I write as if I am speaking, (its a burden I bare!) create a blog post about how you are feeling. Write it and you don't have to post it, save it as a draft. Get it out there and see. 

Don't be afraid, it is easier said then done, but since I put myself and my writing out there a lot of people seek comfort in my words, find something that inspires them. You never know, what may come from you finding courage in your own words. I took the plunge recently and blogged about my own depression, it was hard and I thought that I shared way to much information, but once it was out of my head and in black and white I sort of detached myself from it, but at the same time it was a part of me, that needed to be open and talked about. I didn't expect the response I got, I do forget thousands of people read this space everyday. I think that's the way I like to blog, when I put a blog post together I think mainly of myself and what I need to get out of my head and hopefully inspire others. Don't get me wrong not everything I write about is inspirational. (outfit photos aren't the most in depth and thought about thing in my world but they make me happy!)

A lot of people start off with the idea no one, wants to hear what they have to say, they are unimportant  this is so untrue, it's you are the only one putting that thought in your head. You are putting up walls that don't need to be there. Don't worry I am not telling you to drop all walls and post naked pictures of yourself online and talk about your conquests. Please have boundaries, Boundaries are just as important as being brave. Have a mystery about you don't share everything, enough to make your readers feel comfortable, as if they know you, because being related to is a good thing to be. I think being open is great if you are a lifestyle blogger like me, it may not work if you are running a business, something personal are not needed. I was first and foremost a blogger and then a business woman a lot of people buy my work and are interested because they feel like they know me as a person or find what I do inspiring it works well for me, mix things up and see what you feel comfortable with.

If you are afraid people will take the piss, first up Don't be! second up, they will anyway people can just be mean, you don't have to hide away your thoughts, passions and your story because a handful of anons like to troll the internet, Its not nice I know I have been on the receiving end of a lot of anon rubbish, but it shouldn't stop you from finding your voice. If you have something truly worthwhile to say it will shine above the nasty people so go for it!

My mentality can be kinda fuck it! I wanna blog, I am going to go for it, if it doesn't offend, if it is fairly well written, maybe thought provoking, helpful in someway, I don't plan I just type and let it all come out as if I was talking away. Anyone who personally knows me, knows that this is how I think, feel and basically communicate...So I am going to be like this on my blog, its the only way I know how, in some ways I have been blessed in others I am totally rubbish at stringing probably well written sentences together (anyone reading this can tell I'm dyslexic ) but I don't let it stop me...Just blog!

Like many other people, you have had to go through things, sometimes really crap things, hard things and hopefully lots of fun things! So you holding onto all the information that you have experienced could enrich or fill others with hope... so I suggest you make notes lots of notes, bullet points, happy thought webs, about yourself, things you want to write about, things you want to share, even if you think it is something super silly another person may find its the answer they have been looking for.

So basically this is all working up to the fact that you need to take the plunge! You won't know how people will react until you take that first scary step. It might enrich your life knowing others find comfort in your thoughts and words. 

 brief outline of how I became brave at sharing... *

- practice makes perfect 
- write all your thoughts down
- be brave
- Don't be afraid
- Don't over think it, let your mind wander and write how you feel
- Have boundaries.
- What experiences have you faced?
- Do what you feel comfortable with, but remember pushing your boundaries can lead to great things.
- Think before you type.
- Don't over share about others (bitching is no fun)

*This is how I blog, there is no right or wrong to blogging find your own way, with a little help from bloggers who have gone before you!

22 February 2014


Breton top | H&M 
 Jeans | River Island 
Loafers | Primark 
Jacket  | Zara 
Necklace | Topshop 
 Rings | hand-made, Found  

I have decided to spend today resting my weary bones, after a super hectic half term off that saw me trekking around the majority of London snapping pictures for little projects, going to gigs, missing the last train home, meeting friends and kissing boys! I promise the latter is a rare thing in my life at the moment! More on that another time. So today's outfit pretty much consists of my favorite comfy ripped River Island jeans and my florescent H&M Breton top , perfect lazy outfit and fluffy frizzy hair! I am actually having a bit of a fringe mare at the moment, after having the purple/reds stripped out of my hair about a month ago the style hasn't settled back to how it use to be, its turned into a bit of a mullet, cue the i'm not sure if its a full fringe, side fringe or a middle parting!? 

First time since having my tattoo done last Sunday that I have dared to put trousers on, its feels so good to hide my legs away, not that i was bare legged or anything, nice to put something comfy on for a change. Also just a little note to say, I had a few tweets from people who spotted me wandering out and about this week, but were to shy to come and say hi! don't ever be too shy I love talking to everyone, so if you see me and my frizzy mop prancing around come and say hi! 


20 February 2014

Brighton tattoo convention 2014 pt 1

A day filled with tattoos, bearded men, good drink, good company and smiley faces, Well I jumped at the chance of being able to blog at the convention! It was last weekend as I was unable to do both day I went along on Sunday, Brighton isn't too far from London so I hopped on a train from Victoria and off we sped towards tattoo happiness. I have decided to split this blog post one with a look at the event and the other a little diary entry of my personal experience getting tattooed at the event.

So if you have never been to a tattoo convention, let me tell you a little bit about it. The day is filled like any other convention, stalls filled with tattoo/rockabilly/rock inspired items, I adore all the taxidermy. They also have wonderful people like cooper from Dapper signs running stalls, his stall was one of my favorites, he was designing and painting hand-drawn awesome signs, I wouldn't mind one of them for my studio! Its a great place if you are new to the whole "tattoo thing" you get to see people tattooing and you get to mingle with maybe something that can be seen as a hard community to get into. But the community is actually warm, welcoming, fun and exciting thing to be into. This is what I love about Conventions like Brighton, you get to chat to people from all over the world and hear their stories, see their work and you get to meet people such a variety of people.

I was also super excited to see my favorite ladies from Things and Ink Magazine looking beautiful and smiley! I had to bag myself the latest editions, I always love seeing Alice and Nicola, its great to meet people so enthusiastic about the art of tattooing seriously take a look at what they do! Also one of the best things about the tattoo convention there are loads of cute bearded guys yes I went there! (totally sorry but not at the same time) and getting to say I am press and snapping pictures of them is one of the highlights of my blogging career, btw thanks Sailor Jerry for that! 

The day was so hectic and the majority of my day was taken up with getting a 3 hour tattoo from Tyler Monaghan I will be sharing that in a separate blog post. There was so much to look at!

It was great to spot some of my favorite tattooist at the event the likes of Grace Neutral, Tim Hendricks and many more. So what are you waiting for? Go and find a tattoo convention near you and appreciate the beautiful art that is tattooing! Thanks for having me Sailor Jerry!
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