25 February 2014

east london

 Urban outfitter tee
River island jeans
Office leather boots
Zara necklace/handmade
Zara jacket

Sweet East London adventures with friends are one of my favorite things to do at the weekend! So when Lyzi came to stay for a few days we flipped a coin (went flying down the met line carriage) and ended up heading to one of my favorite parts of town Brick lane/Liverpool street area. 

As a teenager and when I was doing my foundation degree I become pretty obsessed with street art so whenever I walk past a new piece I can't help but document it! I have quite a few friends that are street artists, so I can enjoy the beauty and see the hard work that has gone into creating it. The walls around Brick lane area never stay constant, I think that's why I love it so much its always changing! Sorry for the boobies, but I just love the poster...made me smile so enjoy! We visited the ever so lovely neon Lik + Neon shop on sclater street that has cute cats and cute illustrated goodies, we wandered past Kahaila Cafe that sells some of the best cake in East London ( I will feature this beautiful little cafe in another East London adventure post soon).

So we popped into a few shops, I grabbed some tees from Urban outfitters, comfiest t-shirts on the planet and just wandered around and took in the sights. Plus we also went to Wagamama's and stuffed our faces...just because we could!

I was thinking of compiling an A to Z of ella's London would anybody be up for reading a series of blog posts based on hangouts, coffee shops, museums that I love to visit?



  1. I had such a lovely weekend with you :) you captured the area so well! As well as my beautiful double-chin-lolling face you cheeky mare ;) hopefully see you again soon xxx

    1. Whaaat, I was just going to say I love that photo of you!
      The street art is my favourite bit about brick Lane.

  2. I love street art. I'm always taking pictures of wall painting in my town. These ones are great.

  3. All the street art looks amazing, sounds like you girls had a wonderful time! x


  4. All the street art looks amazing, sounds like you girls had a wonderful time! x


  5. These are amazing photos - I love the art so much xo

  6. Oh my gosh I'm so hungry right now! If you fancy a trip out of London to a museum I work at Waddesdon Manor, and we have out own type of crazy outfits (blog about it here- ye boi- LFWatWaddesdon)
    E x

  7. Yes please to London A-Z! Love the street art, and I like the topless lady too-it's very reminiscent of 1970s illustrations, a style I really like :) Plus that red velvet cake looks soooooooo good! x


  8. YES!! An ROA piece, that hedgehog looks awesome! I'm a fab in ROA street art.
    And I do believe that an Ella Masters A-Z would be a fabulous idea. Would be nice to have an artsy kinda gals share of Londkn locations and must visits.


  9. Love these photos, I'm sad that I don't get to go to London as often as I'd like.

  10. Love these photos, and you look ace as usual!

  11. Awww you two beauties! This looks like loadsa fun! ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  12. Awesome street art - I took a pic of that porcupine when I last visited! And that cake looks amazing. I would definitely be interested in an A-Z guide as I need to get to know this lovely city better :) x

  13. Nice photos! Can't wait to finally get to London :D


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