26 February 2014

happy colourfest!

Patterned Jacket | Ever Ours 
Jeans | River Island 
Coral Silk top | Toshop
Coin Necklace | Topshop
Bee Necklace | Belle Toujour
Loafers | Primark 
Watch | Olivia Burton 

This is just a total colourfest...which is what I love, obviously minus the very sober black ripped jeans and loafers! I was meant to wear this out the other night to visit friends, but my damn anxieties got the better of me and I didn't go out in the end, a lot to my friends annoyance but what can you do when your brain takes over!

I am still having an absolute mare with my frizzy out of place mane, since getting it stripped at the hair-dressers. I've stripped my hair before but with home kits and its never taken this long to settle back...so frizzy so wild!

In other news, I have just about recovered from my nightmare day yesterday, after having a mother of all asthma attacks walking to work. Took me a while to recover, I did a few hours at work before my body decided it had enough so I had to go home, first time ever in my life I've had to leave work. I'm one of those people that powers through no matter what, but the poor body had to have a rest....all is good now though. 

Getting back to this outfit, since loosing 4 stone, I am more then happy now to have my picture taken when I am wearing jeans (I use to have such a hangup about my damn thighs?) . It's a bit odd but since having my thigh tattoo, I have gained so much more confidence with my legs they are tiny but I am slowly getting more confident having full body snaps taken. Rather weird, but I am trying to embrace a more positive attitude towards my body, I think that its has a little bit to do with reading the wonderful blog by Gala Darling all that positive thinking and radical self love is rubbing off on me! That and the fact I stood up for myself in regards to a rubbish man treating me like absolute crap woo girl power! So as I type this I have one of my favorite Albums Peroxide playing ( have a listen its awesome!) by the mega babe that is Nina Nesbitt (blog post coming soon) and I am a little bit in love with life! Why don't you put something fabulous and colourful on make a list of things that make you happy to cheer you up if you are feeling down?!



  1. Oh I love Nina Nesbitt, and I love colourful Ella as well :) Your outfit is so cheerful, I love the jacket!
    I think I will read the blog you mentioned, anything to try and find some way of gaining some confidence!

  2. Gorgeous outfit Ella. Glad you are feeling better today. It took me a day to get over an asthma attack I had a few weeks ago, still so scary. Take care. Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten

  3. I love it when you wear this jacket! It's so fun and it really suits you. I think your hair looks nice, even if you think it's frizzy! I like a bit of wild hair ;) hope you're feeling much better after your anxious day & your asthma attack, poor boo xxx

  4. So beautiful Ella, that jacket is just divine! x


  5. I love your jacket and coin necklace - they really suit you x

  6. You look absolutely beautiful! Your style is so fun & lovely :)xx

  7. Gorgeous Ella, that jacket is something else. L x

  8. That jacket is gorgeous! Also, I can highly recommend Moroccan Hair Oil for unruly hair, I use it and it's tamed my hair so much. Its so much stronger and in great condition, I can almost hear my hair slurping it up!

  9. This is stunning - really beautiful photos. Your shoes are adorable xo

  10. oh, these photos are so woodstock!

  11. Love the jacket! You look great. :)

    Lisa xo | lisaandfox.blogspot.co.uk

  12. That jacket is an explosion of beautiful colour, you wear it perfectly! Katie

  13. Such a gorgeous outfit, really beautiful colours on you!

    Maria xxx

  14. You look gorgeous and I'm so glad you are feeling more confident about yourself! Love this outfit, that jacket is amazing xo

  15. love this outfit - i enjoy casual outfits a lot...

  16. I love these pics - and the jacket of course!!! x


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