12 February 2014

What I wore illustrated : to brunch

I seem to be going through a faze of monochrome and wearing black jeans and my trusty boots,  I'd like to think of myself as the shortest (4th) member of Haim, a girl can dream right? This is what I wore on Sunday to hang out with my favorite blogging babes. I obviously didn't wear my diary but I take it everywhere. I like to think of 2014 as my chic year, I want to be more elegant and this is definitely being reflected in what I am wearing...what have you been wearing a lot of in 2014? 

*Illustration by ella masters please do not copy, distribute without my permission


  1. love love love this post :-) and love how creative you are ella!

  2. This is so chic, and the fact you take your diary everywhere is like the height of my "well organised well presented woman" goals, so well done you! I've been wearing polka dots and circle skirts, because 2014 is my year of "quirky parisian". not that i have any idea what that means :)

    p.s. i've been reading your blog since i found your etsy store ages ago and it's one of my dear favourites but this is my first comment cos i'm a wuss, sorry x

  3. So cute! I love how you've painted the scarf. Missing you xxxx

  4. Firstly I have to say I love this post, the idea of doing an illustrated what you wore... I am impressed, and inspired! My new years resolution was to draw more so I'm going to give this a go, I'm a serial starer at blank pages!
    2014 has seen me living in 2 outfits... 1 skinny jeans and a burgundy knit top with reindeers on it which is so soft and lovely and cozy and perfect for windy wet days like today or outfit 2 has been this plain plain grey top, with jeggings and a snood scarf, it has casual smart kind of feel to it, I've worn it out to dinner, and just to tidy the house I am in love with it. :D x

  5. This blog is really amazing, I like the things you shared and your work! I don't usually comment on blogs but this time I felt it worth it.
    Just for you to know, you have a reader in Argentina :)

  6. beautiful artwork such an original way to share your outfits!

  7. I have just come accross your blog, and it is literally adorable :) i love your illustrations.
    officially my new favorite blog :) Zoey x

  8. I remember following your blog on a past account a long time ago and for the life of me couldn't remember your URL, so I'm SO glad I've found you again! Absolutely in love with your artwork :-)

    ☾ MOLLY LUNE ☽

  9. This is really beautiful. Stumbled to your blog via Bloglovin' and I'm hooked. :))

  10. Amazing!
    Today on my blog Black and White Trend!

  11. This is such a cute and creative alternative to a regular OOTD type post. I absolutely love it!

  12. I really love your illustrations, Ella.


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