14 May 2014

London Instax

So to treat myself recently I bought an Instax Mini to capture some fun moments on my days out. There have been some wonderful East London days filled with flower markets, Rhiannon, Jaymie and the lovely HawkHurst Vault boys. I did debate buying an instax Mini for a long time since I picked my Large Instax Camera up for 25p at a carboot sale 6 years ago. But the compact size is just perfect to slip into your handbag so worth the money that's for sure.

The photos are an accumulation of a few days of fun, me and Rhiannon ventured out one Sunday to buy some flowers and bask in the beautiful East London sunshine and drink strawberry cider and definitely not perv on lovely bearded men! 

If you are ever on Brick Lane and fancy a cuppa,  head down to The Hawkhurst vault they do some of the loveliest blends of tea in London, especially the most expensive pot of  tea I've ever had (it was fancy and rare), don't worry all other teas are a couple of quid and you get to stare at some handsome bearded men whilst you listen to Bruce Willis on the record player haha!



  1. Love this post, love the new layout, love the new name, love you and love your face <3

  2. This is genius, love this post... its very well put together.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  3. Lovely shots! Instax cameras are such a fun way to capture moments. I'm planning on buying the Instax Neo pretty soon that I'm pretty excited about!

    Erin, beingerin.com


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