27 July 2014

Illustrated people project : submissions

All of you probably know I am rather passionate about tattoos, tattooing as an art and I especially love knowing the history and stories behind other peoples tattoos, so here we go. I will be opening my blog to submissions from awesome tattooed people as well as tattooists and artist.

Illustrated people project (that's the name) will be a positive look at the art of tattooing and allowing people a platform to share their work, ink and stories with my readers.

So Ella, why are you telling us this? Get on and blog? well I can't without any lovely illustrated people now can I? This is where you lovely lot come in....

Do you have tattoos? are you willing to share your stories, share your photos and your work? if you are and you have some lovely ink please don't hesitate to contact me at 
ellas_blog (@) hotmail.co.uk

Just a little info...I have had a lot of interest already and it has only been live for about 5 minutes, if you want to be involved, it would be fab if you had your own camera to snap some photos if you have been selected to take part. If you live in London, photo shoots/interviews will be arranged.

Also If you are interested in this, please drop me a comment below.  I want to share all different kinds of work, as I am sure my lovely readers would love to see what you have permanently adorned your body with....So whats stopping you?

You still have a day to enter the Kewpie GiveAway 



25 July 2014

sparkle and fade!

Another trip east with Rhiannon were we consume way too much Diner food and drink way too much tea in Hawkhurst Vault tea shop. I'm getting into the shooting my outfit a lot more, with the help of lovely Rhiannon...you should see the outtakes they are rather hilarious. I wandered into Urban Outfitters as I was a little early and discovered the beautiful sparkle and fade dress and couldn't resist trying it on. It does need to be taken up hello i'm a tiny 5'2 so can't have it all! haha It was boiling and i made the silly decision of wearing my jeans up town hello sweaty legs, so i changed into the new dress and I fell in love with it. I think it would work really well with a baggy tee, or a colourful blazer, my now go too maxi dress.

In other blog news, I'm having a new header worked on which is super exciting, i've missed the blog when it was covered in my illustrations, i figured plain wasn't me. So prepare yourself for kewpies, tattoos and hand-written type! There is a lot going on at Ella Masters HQ, lots of lovely collaborations and hunting for a new property to be a lot more creative in after getting the taste for warehouse living at Rhiannon's new crib! soon to be shared with you lovely lot!

Woven shoes - Primark
Hat - River Island
Rings - Shop Dixi 
Tote bag - Ella Masters


24 July 2014

Ella Masters Illustration Give away

So Ella Masters Illustration reached a over 1,000 likes on facebook which is crazy and as promised here is my Kewpie illustration giveaway. What is included in the give away an Original Ella masters Illustration, signed and dated a one off.

So to enter you need to (you can do all of these if you wish more entries)

1. like Ella Masters facebook page and like the photo can add a comment on the photo as well find the link here , you can re-post and share that would be fab. 

2. Follow this blog either via Bloglovin or blogger and leave a comment at the bottom of this post. No anon entries sorry.

3. Follow my twitter @ella_masters with the hashtag #elzkewpie so i can keep track of who enters

4. Repost and share from my instagram @_ellamasters_ with a link back.

Give away is open to the entire world closes Monday 28th July 2014 so get liking and sharing there can only be one winner!!
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20 July 2014

New Romantics ain't dead

I bought these high waisted floral bad boys when I was down in Porthcawl last weekend. I was being a massive grump and to cheer me up I ventured into Newlook not expecting to find anything and they had the high waisted trousers in my size, I did have to take them up as I'm a bit of a short ass, there was a slight twinge of they make me look like a right chubster but they are way too comfy to say not too! 

Since hanging out with my lady loves, Jaymie and Rhiannon they have me hooked on wearing hats, any of you that follower my instagram _ellamasters_ will be aware that i take way too many selfies wearing my £20 fedora. It just tops off every outfit, who would of thought i'd get over my phobia of feeling like an idiot in a hat!

I am currently figuring out how to load videos onto my mac from my new camera and failing miserably I wanted to get my little youtube Channel back up and running giving me the opportunity to share my art and my cheeky face with you all if there is a video you would like me to specifically shoot please let me know. 

Fedora - River Island
Black top - Primark
high wasted floral trousers - Newlook
Woven ballet pumps - Primark
Earrings - H&M


19 July 2014

ella masters : July From my desk

My desk is a mess, a mass of scribbles and ripped pieces of paper, I've been working like crazy on new designs for my new label, frantically scribbling my ideas into various notebooks hoping to get all my ideas on paper, the frustration of having too many ideas and not enough time and hands to scribble it down on. But I am finally enjoying being inspired its been too long.

Re-discovering my love for working in pro markers, I spent my entire second year of my degree creating pieces solely with pro markers. If you have no idea what they are check them out, best for intense colour also i use aqua markers.  It has allow me to branch into new styles which is always fun, like my point work on me broken heart club collection, yep dedicated to all my failed dates....they were for a good reason. Hopefully these will all be made into limited edition tote bags and t-shirts, hence the single colour.

I am also working on some fun commissions for a few lovely companies and magazines that I am super stoked about, getting my new work out there feels great. Also the horse doddle is for Rhiannon's next tattoo...which we doddled whilst sat munching on fries in the diner!

Plus in other truly wonderful news I have a new camera after the heart break of my trusty D40's demise I purchased a new compact Sony Cyber shot and its the best purchase I have made. So these are the first photos from the new camera, so no more rubbish I phone photos, hence the blog silence I just can't bare to share rubbish photos.Oh how i have missed sharing snippets of my life with you all.


4 July 2014

#GIRLBOSS - A personal review

"The only way to support a revolution is to make your own" - Abbie Hoffman

Where do I start? #GIRLBOSS an autobiography/positive vibes /Business book written by the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal , Sophia Amorusa, which i'm sure has been reviewed across the internet/newspapers and magazines for sometime. This is kind of a review but also me declaring I am a little bit in Love with Sophia. I had been meaning to pick up my copy as soon as it hit the shelves but being mega forgetful, it slipped my mind, I snapped mine up a few weeks ago on amazon for a tenner and ordered next day delivery as I was hungry for some inspiration.I read it all in six hours 239 intense pages before bed time, who would of thought it!

The way Sophia writes is humorous and witty, her rise to business mogul only took 8 years going from a start up business on $50 to over  $100 mllion plus in such a short space of time screams to me her story must be read (in my case several times.)

Money looks better in the bank than on your feet - Sophia Amoruso

So I loved the layout of this book, from the offset, I expected the book to be sassy but I didn't expect it to be so sassy, informative and so well written. I'm not gonna lie to you i've read it four times, I have highlighted quotes and relevant passages like its my chic bible of everything that will make me a multimillionaire, of i can dream, it was just nice to read such positive and thoughtful words from someone who has been through hard times and shown the world things are possible,  which to me is an exciting prospect.

I was recently discussing #GIRLBOSS with Rhi, when we both made a bit of an observation in certain areas of the book, Sophia comes across as a tad bit patronizing, don't get me wrong she knows her stuff and if there is anyone out there to get me to shift my ass into gear its Sophia Amourso, I just felt in certain areas it was too much for me and I read those bits with a tad bit of cringe and oh I wish I was her.  

"You don't get what you don't ask for" -Sophia Amoruso

The book itself is divided up into 11 chapters and is laid out with lovely quirky illustrations for each chapter with a little piece from an awesome women in the business world called "portrait of a #GIRLBOSS" for each chapter, I personally have a few favorites, Norma Kamali who talks about the importance of taking risks and to always dream." My advice would be to dream and never stop dreaming."

I would definitely recommend this to any lady out there interested in fashion, blogging, business or anyone wanting to reignite a spark for a passion they once had or if anyone is a little afraid to start something new. Don't take it to seriously but its important to read about other peoples stories and have a few positive female role models in our life. 

Life is short. Don't be lazy - Sophia Amoruso

I enjoyed the elements of Sophia's can do attitude, I can sometimes fall guilty of "I won't ever make it" " Man why are things so hard" "Shit i'm afraid of succeeding shit I'm afraid of failure" and it was nice to read about someone else outlook on things, yeah things are crap sometimes but they don't always have to be. 
"There's also everyday kind of magic that we make for ourselves. And that's really not magic at all. It's just recognizing the fact that we control our thoughts and our thoughts control our lives"

Sophia talks a lot about having confidence in what you are doing and in yourself, talking about how your actions impact on the world around you. One thing I took away from reading #GIRLBOSS is You'll never be able to convince someone else to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself, " a deep unshakeable self-confidence that persists even when things aren't going great."

Overall I really did enjoy #GIRLBOSS it has inspired me enough to get what I love doing back up  and running. Would be nice to get the can do attitude and sassiness back in my life and hopefully with this book it will get me back on my path.


2 July 2014

where you been?

Guys i have been so far away from this blog recently, my head has been consumed with the loss of my beloved Grandma that I've been concentrating on family and my own well being that I haven't really spared a thought for my little internet space. Building back up my confidence to share my life online has been hard I haven't fully blogged in what feels like a life time. But I think I have finally been working on something that I deem bloggable. Plus whats more bloggable then my new River Island hat.

You should all by now know my love for tattoos and art, its pretty much thing and all I draw, So when I found out my Grandma had passed away I wanted to put all my sorrow and heart break into something that she would of been crazy proud of. As she wasn't really a lover of tattoos ( I never showed her mine) I wanted to create something that spoke to my heart and reminded me of her. Something girly and vintage = Hello cute perfume bottle doddles!

If you are a follower on my instagram (@_ellamasters_) you would have been privy to my exciting business news, I have decided to throw my new creativity into a sort of high-breed of all my favorite things in life, so I would like to briefly introduce to my new baby Swag & Bone. Clothing and accessories brand, paper thin tees and perfume bottle smock dresses what more could a girl ask for!

The ever awesome Rhiannon of vintage style me has been distracting my brain (in a good way) with copious amounts of diner food, burritos and tattoo designing and hunting down some pretty awesome graffiti that you can find dotted about East London. East London adventures are one of my favorite activities, is there an activity that you have loved doing recently?
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