26 August 2014

life lately

I'm having the slightly panic stricken moments that my summer is nearly over, not cool, I have a lot of things to decide about life, scary big things!

I'm finally happy with my fitness and diet, another stone too loose until I reach my ideal weight. I have written a few blog posts about weight loss, eating regime and exercise.

I have been rather run down as of recent hello chest infection so cue never ending amounts of fresh ginger, lemon and honey drinks.

The little brother got his first tattoo 

I have been working away snapping photos and learning about composition and simplicity for my online shop Swag and Bone.

I turned twenty Six, hello fresh start!



  1. Happy birthday, Ella :) and well done having nearly reached your fitness goal!! x


  2. Your brother's tattoo is awesome! Also, congrats on almost getting to that fitness goal, you look amazing! x

  3. I've been working on healthy eating/exercise habits too, it's such a relief! Happy belated birthday.


  4. I live off honey and lemon all winter!


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