9 September 2014

colour fest

Illustration Ella Masters
I am slightly obsessing over colour at the moment, as I work on designing my first ever children's collections (hello material designing) might possibly the funnest thing I have done in years. I've been enjoying looking at colour trends which I haven't done before in any of my collections because I normally just base what I do on my illustrations.  I shared on instagram a sneak peek at one of the fabrics I have designed for my new collection. It has been a rather daunting task, as an artist I want to add all my work too fabric but picking a select few pieces has been hard, but I have gone with my gut instinct as to what I like mixed in with the colour trend of this season, hello silk scarfs and cotton burgundy stripped dresses!

I am loving getting back into reading over peoples blog, and seeing all the colours and textures that they are into which is always fun.  I love Carrie's bright printed kimono outfit, the red and blue flowers really work well, can you tell I have become a little obsessed with patterns and colours. Free People are making me so envious of pattern and Layering for the winter and yes i spot the ever beautiful Olivia! hubba hubba! Sweet baby Jesus the textures in this Nordic nights jacket is just blowing my mind, I think I am getting my love for fashion back!

Pinterest has been a great place for finding inspiration, I do get lost for hours searching and printing things off, You can find my pinterest here I could just keep pinning forever! 

What kinda places do you gain inspiration from?

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  1. This is so inspiring! I can't wait to see the textiles when they are finished!!! Color trends are serious addicting. My boss just got back from Mason&Objet in Paris and we are about to dive into color trends for the next month... Here we go! Thanks for sharing, Ella!

  2. I mostly gain inspiration from looking at children's clothes - I search for something that isn't there and then create something in my head. Although it only lives in my head as I don't have the skills to get it onto paper.

    Can't wait to see what you come out with!

  3. Hi Ella,

    I just wanted to say how much I love your blog & how inspiring it is. I found it a couple of days ago whilst trawling through Bloglovin', and have proceeded to spend those two days reading it from start to finish! The thing I like most, is that it's 'you': your artwork, your photographs, your story. And I really admire the way you are so about keeping motivated and following your dreams - in such a cardboard world, creativity is so important. Please keep at it, you really are extremely talented :) So thank you for being you and for inspiring me to start my own blog, and to keep up with my creative writing! And apologies for the creepy, fangirling comment!

    Bets x

  4. Hi Ella, I think your chldren's patterns will be amazing! I've been reading your blog for quite a while now, but I rarely ever comment. I'm sitting here with a blank page and paint brush in front of me and you always provide so much inspiration :)


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