9 September 2014

its a weathered thing

The last few months dressing has become a lot more about simplicity, For some reason I have stopped wearing dresses and have acquired a crazy amount of black ripped jeans and paper thin tops... just something I find rather chic about them. I have too admit the ones (jeans) I am wearing in the photos above are good old trusty New Look jeans. I love the selection of paper thin, beaten tees from Urban Outfitters .

My new woven leather bag is pretty amazing,  I spent a little more on it then I should but its vintage and I love it, I am currently working on a new collection of woven mocs and leather bags for my Swag and Bone store. There is just something I love about having more of a basic wardrobe, this in mind I now have about eight bin bags filled with clothes I need too sell...cheeky blog sale me thinks.


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  1. Great outfit. I love the simplicity of the look but it still looks edgy and cool. And the bag is really pretty. :)

  2. Love the outfit and bag, you look so comfy which make you look really confident :)

    Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health


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