26 September 2014

sneak peeks

I finished my last full week at work (just looking at my first post when i started) with the lovely delivery of my new illustrated fabric from SpoonFlower . It has been a strange week, mingling with Cara Delevingne, buying my first piece of proper art, bagging some great illustration jobs mixed with the emotions of leaving my students and my old life.

The fabric will be turned into my new dresses, skirts, crop tops and scarfs to be sold online which I am super excited about. I am currently brushing up on my sewing skills with my new sewing machine. I also have a hand-drawn print of my pinstripe illustration which I just want to cover everything in.
Finding old doodles and sketches in my sketchbook and adding new additions too it for a fun project is currently my way of switching off and enjoying my down time.Its nice too get my watercolours out occasionally as I have been working a lot in pen. If you are wanting a doodle or something like a blog header I have a few spaces left if you want to Hire Me

Have you been working on anything or looking forward too something fun?



  1. how exciting!!!! i can't wait to see what you sew up!! (i'm sure it'll be fabulous!!) xoxo

  2. Your fabrics are so cool, wish I could work on something like this x
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