23 September 2014

victoria and albert museum

Adventures with Jaymie are always my favorite, we decided after work to head to one of our favorite  museums, i haven;t been in while probably not since I took a little trip to the Science Museum and the V & A with Lyzi a few years ago. Its funny how hectic life can be, its nice too take time away and enjoy the slow pace and tranquility that museums promote. Ever felt overwhelmed with life I suggest you pop along too a museum, will be the perfect brain break!

So I fell in love with the paper cups that the V&A serve their tea and coffee in, not going too lie I took the cup home and now has pride of place on my desk. Its the artist in me!

So we stumbled up the wedding exhibition, both me and Jaymie being scrimpers and savers at the moment decided to admire from afar. We popped into the nail boutique for some fun little selfies!

The fashion exhibitions have  always inspired me, I remember wandering around looking at the 1950's Christian Dior exhibition when I was doing my A levels and couldn't believe the wonders I was seeing. 

The museum had closed up a lot of its exhibitions as it was rather late, but we stumbled across some Beatrix Potter illustrations and letters down a lovely tiled corridor. The atmosphere was lovely in the evening quite and peaceful as the light passed through the stained glass and bounced around the room.


  1. Ooh I loooooove the V&A! Beautiful photos x

  2. The V&A is always a must-see for me whenever I'm in London... so much to see and admire. Love the temporary and permanent displays! x


  3. I adore the V&A, such a fabulous museum and so much to see. Alway manage to find an exhibition I haven't seen before! Xx

  4. I absolutely love the V+A = I'm off to London on Saturday and hoping to manage to fit some V+A time in then!

  5. Stunning photos! I think it's about time I paid V&A a visit again!



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