25 October 2014

early morning light

I don't often get the chance to have a chilled morning but last week when staying at one of my best friends flat me and Kelly took the time to enjoy all the little things that come with taking things slowly. Holly's flat was so light and airy and was the perfect chill out pad as I watched people walking their dogs in Finsbury Park making me endlessly jealous of the location and space.

Now no beautiful morning is complete without the largest mug of tea possible as I watched Kelly create wonders with her amazingly long hair, she always resembles to me some sort of pre-raphelite muse. I sipped my tea and wrote down a few notes that had been troubling me from the night before, its always good to get them out and onto paper.

Its always sets you up for a good day if you've had a chilled morning and I think my outfit reflected this, messy up do and a bag jacket perfect for kicking fallen Autumnal leaves as we walked through Finsbury Park, ready for a day in East London.



  1. Love the morning post - brilliant!


  2. I'm forever rushing about all over the place and try my best to take Sunday mornings as a bit of me time to just relax, sounds bliss! x

    The Little Things

  3. I just love your photography Ella, sounds like you had a wonderful morning x


  4. Stunning photos x



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