1 December 2014

Weekend walks

I love nothing more then a good winter stroll, near where I live is the biggest woods in greater London and as a child I would spend endless hours running around climbing trees and getting rather muddy. So when my brother invited me along as he needed a walk to clear his mind I couldn't say no. I popped my florescent running trainers on which subsequently didn't stay florescent for long considering how muddy it was. 

The woods felt eerily silent as we strolled passed tree after tree, trying hard not to get whipped in the face but twigs and branches my brother is built like a house and when walking behind him get use to a twig or two in the face! I do feel most inspired when I am out in nature, as a child I was a bit of a geek and loved bird watching and desperately wished that all the animals were like the creatures Beatrix Potter wrote about in her books, but alas they aren't. 

It was such a beautiful day yesterday in comparison with the grey skies over London today as I am sat in my studio trying to sort my sale for Cyber Monday which is going crazily well, you can buy my items for £5 or less in store today!
What fun did you get upto this weekend?



  1. I went for a nice walk this weekend too, I think it's such a nice change from the city and all the other distractions in life :)
    Hannah x

  2. Such gorgeous photos Ella!

  3. Oh my, your photography is just so beautiful Ella, love it! x


  4. beautiful pictures, looks like you had a great weekend


  5. These photos are beautiful! I love to get out walking in the woods or through the countryside with my camera.


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