20 May 2014

whats in a name?

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So I thought maybe I should hobble together a little blog post explaing the change in name and why the hell would you change something that was working so well? Little bit silly right?! Probably, but you know when you have one of those writers blocks no matter how nice the notebook and pen are you can't get anything down it was a little bit like that, I wanted to strip my blog back, and start back at the beginning with a new look and 8 years wealth of knowledge.

So when ellamasters.com was first purchased all those years ago it was more about my work, my art and not about me. But over the years my style of blogging had developed and if I am honest i always felt a little bit uncreative and held back with my blog name, yeah its my name but it didn't say much about what I do. So I was out on a date when I got an influx of tweets that my blog was down, I didn't rush or panic in anyway that it wasn't working, I just thought "oh well" and it gave me the offline space I need to come up with something I had always wanted too...the chance to change my blog name. Many moons ago an ex boyfriend bought my domain for me, through blogger, I don't have details to now renew my ellamasters.com and the fact that we haven't spoken in two years made the decision a little bit clearer...Now it has been a struggle re-directing traffic and bloglovin is being a total pain and not contacting but I am happy, because its a second chance to do what I love.

So have you ever had a change of heart when it comes to blogging?

15 May 2014

light stripes

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Anyone who knows me, knows how much I adore a striped top, in all their beautiful forms, I can't get enough. Now normally I wouldn't dare expose my arms in public i'm not a fan of mine and since loosing weight I'm even less of a fan...but for some reason this outfit makes the arms out situation ok.This entire outfit was bought in one day (i know naughty ella) A silly boy had stood me up and I threw on some beyonce and went shopping for an outfit to make me feel fab! 

Now I never buy jeans unless they are black but I fell in love with this light denim jeans, I popped into the River Island changing room just so I could change into this get....I bounced down Oxford Street feeling fab. Its funny what few Items of clothing can do. Do you have an outfit that does that?

I've finally grown the bangs out, no more fringe for me, i've had one since I was four in some form or other...forehead peeking out is still a bit odd to see but hey, whats the worst a little change can do?

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your feed back on the new site and new name, traffic will be slow for a while as there have been a few issues but I am pretty chuffed...I hope you enjoy all the fab new things I have lined up for ellaments of style....!


14 May 2014

London Instax

So to treat myself recently I bought an Instax Mini to capture some fun moments on my days out. There have been some wonderful East London days filled with flower markets, Rhiannon, Jaymie and the lovely HawkHurst Vault boys. I did debate buying an instax Mini for a long time since I picked my Large Instax Camera up for 25p at a carboot sale 6 years ago. But the compact size is just perfect to slip into your handbag so worth the money that's for sure.

The photos are an accumulation of a few days of fun, me and Rhiannon ventured out one Sunday to buy some flowers and bask in the beautiful East London sunshine and drink strawberry cider and definitely not perv on lovely bearded men! 

If you are ever on Brick Lane and fancy a cuppa,  head down to The Hawkhurst vault they do some of the loveliest blends of tea in London, especially the most expensive pot of  tea I've ever had (it was fancy and rare), don't worry all other teas are a couple of quid and you get to stare at some handsome bearded men whilst you listen to Bruce Willis on the record player haha!

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