26 August 2014

life lately

I'm having the slightly panic stricken moments that my summer is nearly over, not cool, I have a lot of things to decide about life, scary big things!

I'm finally happy with my fitness and diet, another stone too loose until I reach my ideal weight. I have written a few blog posts about weight loss, eating regime and exercise.

I have been rather run down as of recent hello chest infection so cue never ending amounts of fresh ginger, lemon and honey drinks.

The little brother got his first tattoo 

I have been working away snapping photos and learning about composition and simplicity for my online shop Swag and Bone.

I turned twenty Six, hello fresh start!


24 August 2014

So tomorrow i'm 26

"When you have exhausted all possibilities remember this - you haven't.  - Thomas Edison"

This time last year I remember having a bit of a mid life crisis/ panic about turning twenty five, but this year I'm a little bit less of a panic and a bit more in a reflective mood, my twenty fifth year has been a hard one, I have learned a lot about myself, I have spent another year single, and a very mixed career path year of opening and closing businesses. I lost my Grandma unexpectedly two months ago which was a big blow,  So I thought I would have a fresh start. I have definitely figured a lot out about myself and where I want to be this time next year. I have finally set up a business that I am proud of and finally have the right mind set to get exciting things up and running.

I have set myself some personal goals, tasks and things to remember. 

1. Be Braver
2. Don't overly concern yourself with how others think/see you 
3. Never chase anyone
4. Keep working on my fitness and loose that final stone.
5. Take more risks
6. Be more open to change
7. Care less about being alone
8. Focus on positive and not negatives
9. Push my business don't be afraid to push myself and want a better future.
10. Don't take people for granted.
11. Stop buying so many clothes
12. Enjoy the little things in life more
13. If you don't ask you don't get
14. Wear ripped jeans more
15. Get more sleep
16. Drink more tea
17. Take more photos
18. Take that career path leap
19. Laugh more

20 August 2014

improtu shoot

I had a very impromptu photo shoot which was rather fun, just snapping a little something for Swag and Bone, keeping things simple and sweet at the moment. I have some rather exciting items at the screen printers as we speak, that I am rather looking forward to sharing with you all. The more I look at there photos the more I realize I look like my brothers! It's crazy!

I'm a little bit in love with the black skirt I am wearing in the photos, I picked it up in h&m the other day I needed a birthday outfit ready for an evening of fun in East London.  The skirt actually keeps my legs nice and toasty which is perfect in this odd weather we are having at the moment, whats up with this strangely chilly weather? Its the perfect length, even though I am a tiny human!

You can see a little sneak peek at my favorite vintage find, which is a leather/fabric holdall, which I waited nearly a month to get, probably the longest time i have waited to buy an item, which has made me realize I love it even more, the price tag pained me but it means i just have too use it everyday.

Other news
- I'm in the Itchy tattoo situation
- I have given up on the dating game
- I've had my fringe cut back in
- Anxiety is being a pain at the moment
- I am learning not to compare myself to others


I like mine #totesbig how do you like yours?

You may have seen the above photo of my on my Instagram and wondered what the hell I was on about, well to celebrate the new range of tote bags at Cath Kidston, they have this fun campaign based around their 2 new sizes of totes, #totesbig #totessmall, which are you a fan of? I'm a little bit in love with the clocks big leather trim tote, reminds me of a wall in an antique shop.

I have never been a #totessmall kinda girl, I carry around a lot of things and you never know what you need, the bigger the better and the fact I run a company that sells tote bags hello.. no excuse!

- iphone 5s / Cath Kidston iphone case*
- Headphones 
- Cath Kidston mirror*
- Endless amounts of make up
- Nail varnish
- Diary
- Sketchbook
- Cath kidston pencil case
- pens
- Oyster card
- Monki purse

*gifted items

Swag and Bone

Hello new online store Swag and Bone. I am a rather happy lady with it all, I am working on designing the website as we speak, I wanted to get it up and running and you guys have gone mad for my new Fries before Guys totes which I have shared over on my Instagram, I currently have some rather lovely raglan tees on order, and I am super excited about this more life style approach to my business.

For me to branch away from my Etsy store was hard, but I was no longer happy with the look and the way the store was going, even though there are prints available on the Swag and Bone website I wanted to branch out and create a brand based on important ethos's to me. 

We are branching out into hand made rucksacks, wallets and belts, the amounts of ideas that have been filling my notebooks is exciting. 

Other things
- I've got into exercise
-  I'm 26 in 5 days time and the thought is scaring me!
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