10 January 2015

Original art work tattoos and skulls

 So it is with regret that I have to sell some of these original pieces of work this morning I received a letter in the post from my old job demanding money back money in which i am owed, but to keep me from stressing over certain things I thought I would have a little originals sale. These are my most recent pieces and are all originals in different sizes but all awesome you will also recieve a free gift with every order...

Payment that received will be going towards a new section of my business a subscription box of tattoo fun and illustrated by me it will be called Tattiude club, all things had been set in place to get the subscription boxes up and running by march this year but this payment issue will see all my hard work over the last couple of months be wasted. It would be amazing if you could all take these off my hands so I can get started on building back up all my hard work. Thank you

How to buy?

Quick sale? Can purchase now from my online shop Ella Masters Studio .

I will be accepting payment through Paypal its on a first come first serve (via email) basis. If you are interested in a piece these are all originals and one offs once sold I won't be creating another.

Please send the number you are interested in leave a comment below with your email address or you could email me direct to ellas_blog@hotmail.co.uk and then i will give you my address to send the money via paypal. Once the piece has been sold I can then take it off the site only once payment has been received will i ship it. Each piece will be lovingly signed and sent. This is open world wide please add extra for p&p Uk - £4.50 and world wide £6.50 & small drawings £2.50, worldwide £3.50
1. Love perfume £30

 2. Kewpie Holiday £30

 3. Kewpie cushion £50

 4. Point Kewpie £10

SOLD OUT 5. Juicy Lucy Burger £20

 6. Beard Bang £20

7. Till death do us part £55

 8. Heart Perfume £20

 9. Blue Bottle £20

 10. Skull cross section sketch £55
11. Side study of skull £45


  1. These are incredible (: xx

  2. Beautiful pictures! Good luck in selling them :) x



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