25 February 2015

From my desk : Summer collection.

Busy working away in the studio on my new summer collection. Think fun floral, bright colours and all things summery. Today I made a mass of Marmite on toast to fuel me through my lack of sleep and a silly migraine. But I am loving getting my teeth into new and exciting things, and this Bockingford watercolour notepad is beyond amazing. Colours I am inspired by at the moment are the new Turquoise watercolour pan i picked up the other day in Cowling and Wilcox its just so perfect and the pigment is so amazing!

 I will also be bringing out a floral set of temporary tattoos which I am currently working away on whilst Teddy cries. Over in my shop at the moment there is buy one get one free on all prints just for a week, and the new prints are selling super well so thank you for the support you lovely bunch!

I am trying hard to hunt down a pencil supplier for my new stationary section...come to me all the pretty pencils.


  1. Love these prints and yes to marmite on toast!


  2. love these prints! Your artwork inspires me so much, so lovely and bright! x


  3. Love posts like this, your print is absolutely stunning too Ella x


  4. These are so lovely, I love the colours!
    Hannah x

  5. Love these shots of your colorful desk. :) Yummy looking snacks too!

  6. Like everyone else I say yes to marmite on toast, yes to your wonderful print and yes to how sunny and bright these photos of your desk are! :)

    Meg, Optical Intake

  7. What beautiful artwork! And I totally share your love for marmite on toast. It's making me quite peckish actually haha

    Angi | iidifferentworlds.blogspot.co.uk

  8. I love using ring bound books when painting <3 and your work is beautiful!


  9. I'm really craving Marmite on toast now!

  10. Ooh, temporary tattoos, that's exciting! Your photos are so perfectly arranged, I love it.

    lil ashton


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