10 February 2015

From my Studio Review : Ink and brushes

Anyone who has been a reader of here for a while knows that I am a bit of a stationary art / supply geek/hoarder/owner of way too many items, so on my way into town the other day I made a stop off at my favorite art supply store Cowling and Wilcox for a few thin brushes and some new Ink. So I wanted to kick my new art supplies review off with these new purchases.

0 Da Vinci - 
This is my favorite of the four I purchased, long thin-ish brush had a really good hold to it. Down side it held onto a lot of the ink even after cleaning. 

Pro art series 107 spotter 2 -
I did find this one a little trickier to create the fine lines with but overall the tip was good.

2/0 Pro arte Prolene + Plus 007 - 
The skinniest of the group i found as it was had a little more length in the bristles it kicked out a bit at the end when it had ink on.

3 Da Vinci  - 
This was the largest of the four, great for painting in small areas, recommend this for anyone who struggles with long bristle tips.

Now I haven't bought a Windsor and Newton Ink in forever, so i opted for the Black 30ml version, its great as it dries so quickly and is water resistant. Its what I have been using to paint my Ella Illustrates, 1, 2, this isn't the Indian ink version this black is a light-fast pigment in a Shellac solution which makes it permanent on the page. It looks great washed down aswell and sits well on paper.  Highly recommend this pigment.

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