31 March 2015

little Adventures : Cornwall - polkerris and Charlestown

After many hours editing photos of mine and Chris's Cornish adventure I've decided to share them in all different orders not so much like a diary but snapshots of what we got upto and where, So there is no pressure to produce super shiny blog posts.

 Now I lived in Cornwall for nearly four years whilst studying for my degree at Falmouth University and I hadn't been back in over four years so the prospect of hitting up some of my favorite secluded (or I should say not so secluded now, crazy how much can change in a few years) spots and getting to share them with Chris was the best.  

One of my happiest memories whilst I lived down in Cornwall was my family occasionally coming to visit and explore the great outdoors so I always had the idea of revisiting Polkerris  (meaning fortified pool so you get the idea) which is a small rather secluded cove on the East side of the St Austell Bay and would completely recommend it to anyone visiting that part of Cornwall. Many an hour jumping off the harbor wall into blue depths below. Me and Chris snuck up onto the rocks were we surrounded my little boys pretending to fight off Zombies, standard beach games and we just admired the view before the hour on the parking ran out. The weather was perfect and probably the first time this year I have felt proper warmth from the sun, so we adventured up onto the Harbor wall to take a few snaps and dangle our legs over the side.

We couldn't pass up heading into Charlestown for a stroll around and an ice cream, possibly the hardest decision we came across on the trip we deciding what flavor to have. I went for the bubble gum as that was always a favorite from this shop as a child and Chris opted for the Salted Caramel - not going to lie was a little jealous sounded amazing! 

We wandered around Charlestown which I did find rather overwhelmed with tourists and day trips ( I know we were also day trippers) but it had completely changed since I had visited when I was about Thirteen maybe its the love for the new adaption of the BBC program Poldark that has bought people by, either way it was bustling with visitors which I guess is really nice for the Cornish tourist industry. Me and Chris had practically turned up when the "season" had started which was nice and things were coming to life.

Yes I am wearing stripes again, this trip had become notorious with multi outfit change overs (for both me and Chris) which is quite funny, as it would mean me changing from one striped top to the next in the same day. Ahh which striped top will I be wearing in the next post!? You'll just have to come back soon and see.  


26 March 2015

"What we ate" illustrated extract from my Cornish Holiday Zine

I wanted to create a little Zine from mine and Chris's little Cornish Adventure* and here is a little taster of what you can expect. Yes we ate lots of lovely delicious food, there are a few things I have left off due to not being able to fit on the page, its not a holiday without amazing food! 

*Illustration by Ella Masters please do not copy, share without permission.

25 March 2015

illustrated edition - creative movers & shakers - Mermaidens

So just for fun I wanted to create a new illustrated feature of my favorite movers and shakers, so I  doodle* one of my favorite creatives at the moment the lovely Kailey of Mermaidens massive fan of all her beautiful snaps and the fact everything she does is so fresh and fun. The image I illustrated from is of a self portrait session of Kailey inspired by the oh so beautiful Jean Shrimpton images by Bert Stern.
*Illustration create by Ella Masters please do not re use without permission.

20 March 2015

Join us on #OurCornishRoadTrip

Me and Chris are off on a little Cornish road trip, I won't be blogging in that time just so I can make the most of the break away as I haven't had a proper holiday in years. But I will be sharing all our little adventures over on Instagram where you will find me at _ellamasters_ follow what fun we get upto with a little hashtag I have create #OurCornishRoadTrip would love for you to join us on our little adventures around on of my favorite parts of Britain. I haven't been back in years so it maybe a tad odd going back to my old university town of Falmouth and seeing some familiar faces after so long away. But we are looking forward to stuffing our faces on Pasties, chips and the odd cream tea. I hope you can join us on Instagram and see what fun stuff we get upto!

18 March 2015

getting chatty and creative with Dolce Gusto

The other day I found myself doing something I never dreamed I would have the confidence to do. Unaware when turning up to a Dolce Gusto event I would find myself in front of a camera crew let alone chat away about random things like friendship and creativity whilst strapped to a mick and drinking some of the nicest Chai Latte I have had since my best mate brewed some home made chai tea back at university, if I was aware of this before stepping through the doors of the first coffee house in London now a bar Jamaica wine house I would of laughed and probably ran away. Hopefully i'll get to see the edit pretty soon.

But it made a nice change to the typical events I sometimes attend I enjoyed chatting to other bloggers over coffee and drawing. We were joined by artist Faizla Lulat who creates art based around words, for a project he and Dolce Gusto are working on together. we had to describe ourselves in 5 words to help Faizla come up with art based around us I think I chose, 

- creative
- kinda
- curiosity 
- pattern 
- colour 

What five words would you choose to describe yourself, would be wonderful to know?

17 March 2015

Race for life PT 1 & 2

This is a little removed from my normal style of blogging, but I am exciting to share with you my new diary style entries on my little journey exercising and getting fit for Race for life. With a boyfriend who is pretty nifty on a bike, I thought to myself he has to be the best person for whipping me into shape. So here is my first race for life diary. I have been on a bit of a health kick in the last few months and when I was approached by Race for life to join one of their runs I decided it would be the best way of introducing me to the world of running.

Naturally running and exercise aren't for me but after a few month of walking and a little running outdoors in the mud when no ones about was ok, the thought of heading into a gym were everyone's soul purpose for being there is to train, keep fit and generally look crazy good in spandex so you can imagine my first thought was that of slight panic.

I donned my sports gear, thank heavens for T K Maxx and their cheap gym where that's all I can say, to ease me into this new world we decided to do ten minutes on the cross trainer which after ten minutes turned me into a tomato nothing more attractive then a sweaty mess running around a gym, Next up is something that's a little frightening sit ups! who the hell invented them is evil...pure evil! with Chris assuring me ten sit ups with a medicine ball being thrown in my face as "doable" who was I to argue with that.  What this gym trip taught me was deciding to take the first step, I wasn't too happy about going (even though i asked Chris) yes there were a lot of buff men and women barely shedding a bead of sweat making me look like a complete mess but I guess thats part of being new at something. 

Yes I did devour a rather lovely meal after the first session so that was definitely an incentive to keep working away. 

So my next round at the gym what pretty similar to the first session, but I decided to we should probably give the tread meal a go, Chris had recently completed a half marathon in Paris so you can imagine what I was up against. Chris is always so supportive, I didn't feel overly comfortable running on a treadmill, outside i'm fine but i've seen way to many youtube videos of people falling off those things so i stuck to a brisk walk. Both sessions I found myself cycling, I let Chris do his thing as he cycles quite often well nearly everyday between 30-50 miles, no idea how he does it after 2 twenty minutes cycling on a machine i felt rather bruised in areas I didn't realise. Its nice to have someone with you who is supportive and a bit of a beast when it comes to exercise!

I have signed up for the 5K for race for life which for a lot of people is barely a morning jog but i want to get my Asthma to a level where i feel comfortable and thats what it is all about for me, getting myself to a point where i am happy and comfortable working out and fitting in my clothes but doing something good and raising money for a much needed cause.

I hope you can join me on my race for life journey, you can sponsor my run here if you like or if you want to get involved why not sign up and get involved I have a readers discount code RFLElla if you do want to take part and share your journey in raising money.

*Sponsored post

12 March 2015

lets talk stripes...

So this rather silly thing has been on my mind for a while, a few friends have made comments to me about how I dress, nothing bad, well more specifically why I wear so many striped tops. Its my thing and its what I am known for so it made me think.

 Let me start right at the beginning, five stone heavier, big boobs and big hips. The thought of wearing anything that had  stripes or patterns would definitely be on my avoid list. I would sadly spend time dreaming and wishing I could look all kinds of chic in something that looked liked I had stepped out of a Parisian cafe. I use to read in all those magazines (thanks to my sister leaving them dotted about) aimed at women claiming that larger ladies should avoided stripes, that "stripes make you look wider then what you are", and I guess I listened. Don't get me wrong plus size women are chic but for me I didn't feel it being bigger, I wish in someways I had been more confident when I looked in the mirror but I wasn't and that pushed me to change a few things.

So I made a conscious choice when I was loosing weight that I would choose to wear stuff that was for me and made me feel good. I should of really started that thought when I was a little larger. I guess we are all still learning who we are and this stripe thing maybe a phase but I am so happy I no longer avoid clothes because of my size plus the look never goes out of fashion.

Speed forward nearly two years and several (ok 20) Breton tops later and now all I wear is stripes, thick stripes, skinny stripes, because you know what I want to and I can. Cheap Primark, H&M and New Look have  become my friends and when I want to go for a more classier look of stripe I head on over too Zara haha How sad is that, but its true. I love them in all colours and lets face it we should have more of what makes us happy in our lives right?!

10 March 2015

life lately

I had a little break for a work for a few days (minus sorting commissions) which was nice, a few little London based adventures were had, and I will be sharing them over the next week or so. But i've kept my trusty diary and notebook on me and in that time I have been working on new items for the blog and working on a new direction for things which is rather daunting but fun and my brain is over flowing with ideas that hopefully will find their way into my sketchbook.

Don't you just love having a sneak into the space of other artist? I am currently framing up work for sale, you can grab the New York framed Original painting (details over on my instagram _ellamasters_) which is currently sitting perfectly on my wall. Whats your favorite item adorning your walls at the moment? Mine has to be the lovely "hello" card I received from wrap me  in the post this morning along with some other fab goodies!

I do have a little sale on over at ella masters studio with 10% off with the code funstuff15 so head over and grab something illustrated.

5 March 2015

Young British talent : SkinnyDip London

So the lovely people at SkinnyDip London have included me in their Young British Talent which is super exciting, I got to pick and illustrate my favorite pieces and I just wanted to share what I created with you guys. There is also a little interview as well so you get to read my ramblings!

*Illustrations created for skinnydip London by Ella Masters please do not re-use

4 March 2015

Screen printing goodness with Thornback & Peel

The lovely Lisette from Lisette Loves invited me along to a screen printing workshop with Thornback & Peel which was an absolute pleasure to attend. Thornback & Peel are a wonderful British company specialising in screen printed fabric it has a very traditional feel to it and you can see instantly their inspiration is taken from Victorian imagery. I have been a fan of their creations since I spotted a few hankies in a store in Great Missenden a few years ago. We had the opportunity to screen print a few items ourselves, obviously both me and Lisette were giddy at the idea our inner creative geeks were super looking forward to getting stuck in.
First up we had the chance to screen print two cards in two different designs. I've dabbled in a little screen printing in the past whilst at university, so I was looking forward to getting the chance to have a go. With a simple swipe of the squeegee we created our cards in deep turquoise light grey. 

We then ventured over to the chocolate sampling were the lovely Lucy of Creightons Chocolatier was sharing her bite sized chunks of goodness. Lisette was introduced the the wonderful delights of Custard Cream Chocolate, Key lime pie and the third I think had berries in it. All looking pretty amazing, my diet means that I can't have any chocolate but Lisette voted for the Custard Cream so I trust her judgement. Seeing Lucy's family business made me realise how amazing a lot of love and passion for something can create a great product and a wonderful brand.

Round two on the screen printing we got to print two napkins in a sort of gold mustard colour which is the new line of creations from Thornback & peel, but it was inevitable I would make a little mess with the ink I got a little on my thumb and smudged the edge what a silly sausage, but the two I created (the unsmudged one a gift for my mum) will be framed and will take pride of place in my studio. 

The chance to hang out with some lovely ladies and get to stuck into something creative is always the best combination. It would be an absolute dream to run a store as amazing as Thornback & Peel, so thanks for having us ladies. 


3 March 2015

What I'm reading Illustrated

I thought I would share what I am reading at the moment but in illustration* form. So this is the hardest book to read and I've read a lot of criticisms regarding Ms Chung's book but I enjoy the fact its not all in depth. I love knowing what Alexa wears, who inspires her and her random collection of sometime un
related photos. Plus the pink coloured cover is my favorite. What are you reading at the moment?

*Illustration by Ella Masters please don't steal
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