25 March 2015

illustrated edition - creative movers & shakers - Mermaidens

So just for fun I wanted to create a new illustrated feature of my favorite movers and shakers, so I  doodle* one of my favorite creatives at the moment the lovely Kailey of Mermaidens massive fan of all her beautiful snaps and the fact everything she does is so fresh and fun. The image I illustrated from is of a self portrait session of Kailey inspired by the oh so beautiful Jean Shrimpton images by Bert Stern.
*Illustration create by Ella Masters please do not re use without permission.


  1. This is just so so beautiful Ella, you so incredibly talented x


  2. aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! this is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! kailey is just the most wonderful gal around and this drawing captures the forest nymph in her!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. WOW This is beautiful!! Your are extremely talented!! x

    If you want you should check out some of my art on my blog


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