20 March 2015

Join us on #OurCornishRoadTrip

Me and Chris are off on a little Cornish road trip, I won't be blogging in that time just so I can make the most of the break away as I haven't had a proper holiday in years. But I will be sharing all our little adventures over on Instagram where you will find me at _ellamasters_ follow what fun we get upto with a little hashtag I have create #OurCornishRoadTrip would love for you to join us on our little adventures around on of my favorite parts of Britain. I haven't been back in years so it maybe a tad odd going back to my old university town of Falmouth and seeing some familiar faces after so long away. But we are looking forward to stuffing our faces on Pasties, chips and the odd cream tea. I hope you can join us on Instagram and see what fun stuff we get upto!


  1. Falmouth's going to be fantastic this week (Spring and Cider festivals! WOOP!)
    Happy holidays :) Hope you have a fabulous few days!
    Abel x

  2. Ooh, I didn't know you went to Falmouth Uni! I work there now - great place :)

    A Cornish road trip is a great idea. I find that living here means I miss some of the little places and would love to spend a week in the summer driving from place to place, camping somewhere new every night (or ideally in a lovely little B&B!). I've never seen little places like Fowey and Padstow.

  3. hope you'll have the most wonderful trip, enjoy! xx

  4. I live in Cornwall! I love seeing people visiting it, pasties are the best kind of diet hahaa :D Will most definitely be following your adventures on Instagram :) Rachel x


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