4 March 2015

Screen printing goodness with Thornback & Peel

The lovely Lisette from Lisette Loves invited me along to a screen printing workshop with Thornback & Peel which was an absolute pleasure to attend. Thornback & Peel are a wonderful British company specialising in screen printed fabric it has a very traditional feel to it and you can see instantly their inspiration is taken from Victorian imagery. I have been a fan of their creations since I spotted a few hankies in a store in Great Missenden a few years ago. We had the opportunity to screen print a few items ourselves, obviously both me and Lisette were giddy at the idea our inner creative geeks were super looking forward to getting stuck in.
First up we had the chance to screen print two cards in two different designs. I've dabbled in a little screen printing in the past whilst at university, so I was looking forward to getting the chance to have a go. With a simple swipe of the squeegee we created our cards in deep turquoise light grey. 

We then ventured over to the chocolate sampling were the lovely Lucy of Creightons Chocolatier was sharing her bite sized chunks of goodness. Lisette was introduced the the wonderful delights of Custard Cream Chocolate, Key lime pie and the third I think had berries in it. All looking pretty amazing, my diet means that I can't have any chocolate but Lisette voted for the Custard Cream so I trust her judgement. Seeing Lucy's family business made me realise how amazing a lot of love and passion for something can create a great product and a wonderful brand.

Round two on the screen printing we got to print two napkins in a sort of gold mustard colour which is the new line of creations from Thornback & peel, but it was inevitable I would make a little mess with the ink I got a little on my thumb and smudged the edge what a silly sausage, but the two I created (the unsmudged one a gift for my mum) will be framed and will take pride of place in my studio. 

The chance to hang out with some lovely ladies and get to stuck into something creative is always the best combination. It would be an absolute dream to run a store as amazing as Thornback & Peel, so thanks for having us ladies. 



  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous time Ella! All the designs are so so sooo cute, especially the little bunny x


  2. This looks like fun, the results turned out great too!
    Hannah x

  3. Well jealous! I would love to do a screen printing course as well. I can only imagine the amount of crazy stuff my flat would have.. hehe


  4. This looks like so much fun, and the results are fab!

  5. Gorgeous stuff! I really love the rabbit wrapping paper. <3

  6. Looks like an amazing experience! I've been converting the pigeon and jelly print for some time, I spotted it on a deckchair in Lyme Regis and just fell in love! The little blue bird on an egg is a new favourite, great stuff!! Katie x

  7. As a little fan of screenprinting myself I can't explain how jel I am! All those final outcomes look fab! x

    hannah | www.hanvalentine.com

  8. I would love to do something like this. I miss screen printing.
    Your prints look great!



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