1 April 2015

London journal : Store front

One of the best things I love about living in London is wandering around town and snapping colourful photos. I wanted to start a little project snapping the front of colour, fun and exciting stores in London. I love the different style you can find in the East End of London I snapped the majority of these store front on Columbia road. It was crazy windy yesterday so hence the messy hair everywhere surprised me and the mother didn't get blown down the road. 

The Rosie Wonders store is pretty fab and I can't wait to one day have a little neon light with my name on, and  might have just snapped up a few cards aswell one with a cute bike on and a few for the walls of my studio. I am very much a visual person so when I am wandering around I can't help but snap a few photos.


  1. I especially love the 'Jealous' photo you took in Shoreditch! x



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