2 April 2015

Sharing spaces with Selby

Not often on this blog I share photos of other peoples work or images, but i just couldn't pass up sharing images from the new Selby book. I've been a massive fan of Todd Selby's photography for a while now after the Edible Selby was a massive hit, The book is filled with culinary creatives and their work spaces and the original Selby book is perfect for having a sneak into other peoples spaces. But the Fashionable Selby focuses on the fashion side of spaces, i love seeing all the mixes of minimal and crazy overcrowded work rooms. For me the Selby books are like a physical Pinterest for me.

I am a rather nosy parker so for me the Selby books and the website are the perfect places to head to for visual inspiration. I spend way too long staring and dreaming of my own space and filling it with all the patterns, one day!

You can see from the pages that the book has many personal touches and more then just snaps of fashionable peoples work spaces. So many textures and this fills me with confidence when I look at my work space knowing that other creatives are just as messy as me. Does anyone else get a little obsessed sneaking peeks at other peoples work spaces and homes?



  1. Absolutely love looking at other people's work spaces, don't worry you're not the only nosy parker!!

    Hunter // paisley-stripes.blogspot.co.uk


  2. Not been on that site for years, will have to check in again.

    Buckets & Spades


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