25 May 2015

the little things

Everyone loves a good pamper session, so during a recent Next event - shoebox jukebox, a few weeks ago I snapped a few photos of Ree getting her nails all prettified , I am still a massive fan of nail art ever since seeing the amazing Gem Fatale doing her thing with nail art. The Lovely ladies from the painted lady did a fab job, alas at the time my nails were in a ghastly sight, so I wouldn't dare share them with the world. I am currently sporting a french manicure and its defiantly small things like getting your nails done that can really cheer you up.


  1. Hey lovely! Sorry I've not commented for an age -- not had a lot of time lately, which is no excuse!

    For a sly second I thought you had inked your hands up!! I literally almost spat my tea out! :D I had a MANicure last year at a spa and it was *so* relaxing it's untrue. Crazy how something so small can bring your zen back in balance :) I might have to treat myself before the holiday!

    Hope you're smiling :) x

    Mark | That Gent Mark

  2. lovely photos! even though i love doing my nails myself, i've never actually had a manicure or anything done, haha! :-) xx


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