16 June 2015

Ella's Illustrated London - Anges de sucre

Welcome to my new feature- " Ella's Illustrated London" where I will draw my way through some of my favorite places to visit in my home town.  Each week I will illustrate my favorite places to shop, eat and socialise. It also helps when they're super cute and easy on the eye. 

So my second installment of Ella's Illustrated London has to be with out a doubt Anges de Sucre. Hidden away down a pretty little street off South Kensington (Holland street to be precise details here) you will find Anges de Sucre I first visited this amazing little shop with Jaymie a few weeks ago to hunt down Macaroons and Instagram worthy photos, it did not disappoint. Lets just take a moment to appreciate how Parisian and picturesque this little shop is, covered in painted floral designs and birds inside and out if I owned a coffee shop I could only dream it would look this fab!

Anges de Sucre was created by the lovely Reshmi, who is a babe, bumped into her in the shop and we discussed sporks and how great they are standard conversation. The shop has such a lovely warm and welcoming environment that allows you to wander around and snap photos, they even have a floral selfie mirror - heaven for any snap happy blogger / Instagrammer.

After gawping over the doughnut cake  which can I just say would be my dream wedding cake I managed to tear myself away from wanting to stick my face in it and ordered a big slice of  Red Velvet cake and it was delightful. Since opening Anges de Sucre has won best Coffee shop in  TimeOut Love London Award in 2014 how exciting is that and definitely worth a trip. Me and Jaymie will be back soon to stuff our faces. 

You can follow them via their blog instagram


  1. ahh, stunning!
    I l'm so glad you started this series as it's something so wonderful to see. I've always had a soft spot for this type of illustration, there's so much heart in it. Red Velvet Cake is the best,

    Erin | comadiary


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