2 June 2015

My Gym wear - Review

Sports Bra - Primark, black leggings with pink waist - H&M, Pink sock - Race for life, white top - Primark, (children's) Nike trainers - JJB sports 

Sports Bra - Primark
Pink Neon Vest - Primark, Grey long leggings - Primark

Lets talk gym clothes for a moment. It only dawned on me last week I really don't own enough gym wear considering I go nearly everyday the battle of washing everything straight away is a bit of a pain, So I decided to head out shopping to see if I could bag myself a bargain. I had been wearing my trusty primark three quarter length running trousers and plain leggings (made a boo boo the other day hello see through leggings eek!) for the last few months whilst I ran outside you can see those here they've lasted me well and the only downside to them is that now have dropped a dress size they're no longer as tight as they once were making it hard to run in. 


So first up I headed into H&M they had a variety of work out gear, probably for the braver at heart then me cosmic patterns, cobwebs pretty cool stuff, I can't see myself running just yet in shorts. After searching through a lot of smalls I came across a similar pair of three quarter lengths in black and pink, a favored colour combination, I'm not going to lie. At £14.99 a little pricey for a pair of trousers I'm just going to sweat in. But they fit really nicely, I opted for a meduim and they are pretty comfy. I wore them for my gym session yesterday, they didn't fall down once which is rare for me with.


Primark at the moment have a great and varied range to choose from, So first up one of the most important things for me is the sports bra so I opted for a new attractive umm neon pastel pink one, pretty comfy and they run very true to size. Which makes for a great fit and only at £4 its a steal. I have been doubling up on mine before purchasing this one as my Kelly Brookes Bras weren't cutting it for support. I kinda wish I had brought them in all colours, light blue, black and white - might have to pop back in at some point. They also have a variety of straps and styles of bras which is great.

I also purchased a neon pink vest at £4 and a pair of long grey leggings for £6 the leggings are rather thin and a little long for my tiny 5'2 frame but are easily adjusted. I'm a little in love with the vest its great when you're running and sweating a bit it doesn't feel clingy or tight.

So there are my current picks, I also had a browse around TK Maxx that had some great pieces but a little out of my budget at the moment. What are your favorite shops to buy your gym wear?


  1. Holy jeebus woman, you are looking amazing! I absolutely adore Primary for their cheap, brightly coloured running gear. Now I just need someone to sell me some motivation as mines gone missing! Lisa x

  2. Looking great Ella! You can be proud of yourself! Keep going! xo

  3. You are looking incredible! Well done you!

  4. You are looking pretty and matching sport costume.


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