16 July 2015

London Zoo

I hadn't been back to London Zoo for probably around 15 years, I was practically there every weekend as a child, so when we stayed locally going to the Zoo was top of our list. So we started our big wild animal adventure with a nice big latte and a survey of the map to make sure we didn't miss any of the animals. Both of us were pretty eager to see the penguins and giraffes, you can imagine our little faces. 

They had totally changed the Zoo with the exception of a few of the old buildings, I did feel like a child again getting excited over the animals. I have to say my favorite was the monkey enclosure where you walk into a large space where the monkeys are roaming, jumping and hanging around, they were just too cute. Can't really say the same for the the spider enclosure, you could walk through a room with deadly spiders hanging in webs around your head, I'm not scared of spiders I just don't like them near me, so when J wanted to wander through I wasn't overly keen, I think the face says it all.  I was suffering with the worlds biggest migraine so I was treated to a big old hot chocolate with marshmallows which gave me a boost of energy as we wandered on to the Giraffe enclosure, they created a balcony so you're at head height with the Giraffe my inner child was loving life at that moment. We sat and I doodled the giraffes for a little while giving us a much needed break, you don't realise how much you have to walk about, I did draw a pretty bad giraffe it was a miss match of all three of the Giraffe wandering around, defiantly not the best creation. We had such a wonderful day and I would definitely recommend giving the Zoo a visit I wasn't disappointment and they've definitely up their game since I was last there as a child.




  1. Whilst not generally keen on Zoos I think London Zoo rocks as they concentrate on conservation nowadays. My fav are the Giraffes - happy memories on misty, cold winter days sketching them in the Giraffe house. glad you had fun :)

  2. Loving your pictures Ella! We visited London Zoo when we were in London this week, and it was just so lovely, even if it was raining! x


  3. So fun! This post brought me back to my time at art college a few years ago when our teachers brought us to the zoo and let us loose to draw the animals.

  4. i want to go!!! such lovely pictures


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