24 July 2015

simple stripes

When putting together this blog post, I didn't realize how many things around me that we snapped happened to be red, how very odd. After we had drunk our coffee we wandered around a few little streets streets off Columbia Road and discovered some pretty colourful doors. 

I was wearing a pretty casual outfit to hang out with Paige, who can I just say takes the best photos. I have recently been asked by rather a few Instgram followers where I get my striped Breton tops from, this one is a steal from Primark for a grand total of fifty pence, yep nabbed it in a sale about two years ago. I will how ever create a little vlog once my Youtube has finally been sorted and set up of my favorite Breton tops and where to go to grab a bargain

Primark Breton top | H&M ripped Jeans | H&M Duster jacket | Office brown leather boots- similar - Photos by Paige 

Now I love my H&M duster style jacket but my Lord does it crease something terrible, it has been iron nothing screams dragged through a bush backwards like a creased item of clothing. As we were snapping away we befriend a lovely little kitty who was a little dusty and just rubbed himself against me constantly affectionate little thing. The weather held out and we had a really lovely afternoon. Today it self has been a horrible stress, that I would like to forget, but alas one must keep working and pushing themselves.




  1. You look so lovely Ella! Loving the jeans/boots combo, my ripped jeans never look that good on me. The red beetle is such a dream too *heart eyez 4 dayz*

    Hannah | www.hanvalentine.com

  2. Love these photos, you look beautiful!


  3. Such a beauty Ella, I adore your photos x


  4. this is such a lovely, casual outfit!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  5. Hope things start to get better soon you deserve it. And thanks for the links babe glad you love the photos!! They are rather marvellous if I do say so myself haha :) xxxx

  6. You look so gorgeous in these! I just love those pastel doors xx

    Love and Marmalade

  7. Really love this outfit! Know what you mean with the creasing, I have a Top Shop shirt I love to wear at the moment but it takes some serious ironing.

    Amy http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk <3

  8. Stunning photos, all the signs are so much fun! Those boots are to die for! Hope it's a great weekend! Katie


  9. Lovely photos, Paige is clearly the master! Hope you feel less stressed now sweet xx


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