15 August 2015

getting out of London

It's been a while since, I just took a day trip just because I can. I have been tied to my desk for seven days straight completing work and working on my dream, I'll talk more about that another time. So we decided to jump in the car and head on over to Berkhamstead which is about thirty minutes drive from me maybe less. Lovely little town with a beaut of a cinema and some wonderful little shops. 

We decided to book tickets to see the film song of the sea which for anyone like me who loves animated films this Irish folklore based film was spectacular, simple but delicate. Before we watched the film we had a little time to kill, and wandered down by the canal, ate a sausage roll, screw you diet I'm heart broken and then read a few books in Waterstones making the most of the fashion and art dept. 

It's always nice to get out of the city and make the most of the surrounding areas, just wish I ad brought my sketchbook and watercolours!




  1. Sigh. This is gorgeous. Thanks for these brilliant photos to refresh and remind me of England, which I recently got to visit.

  2. Ahhh! I live close to Berkhamsted and it's so lovely! I love the cinema too, so old fashioned and classic.

  3. Little daytrips are so lovely and refreshing :) sounds like a fab day, great photos! Love your art Ella :) x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

  4. Berkhamstead is lovely isn't it? I've visited friends who lived there. Beautiful photos, and you're so right in taking a day off from working towards your dream; as then you can come back with even more force :)

    Erin | comadiary

  5. Live just up the road. Berko is a nice little town but if you drive a little further you'll come to the most gorgeous villages such as Aldbury and Ivinghoe. Also Old Amersham is worth a gander. They are all going to feature in my blog soon. As for TheRex, I had my first date there back in its old incarnation. Love post.

  6. Beautiful photos and lovely part of the world which is worth a visit, I think. Would like to have seen your water colours if you'd taken them :)


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