28 August 2015

Twenty seven things I have learn at twenty seven

I have just turned 27 on the 25th, as much as this dampens my soul slightly at getting closer to 30, I have learn a few things along the way. 

"Hope is a wonderful thing"

1. Be grateful for what you have, things are easily taken away. 2. Don't smoke, 3. Never settle, 4. Don't be afraid to know what you want and go get it, 5. Tell that special person you love them even if they don't feel the same, 6. Heart break is great for work, 7. Hope is a wonderful thing, 8. Spend more time with your Grandparents, 9. Do your best, 10. Only go to Uni if its right for you, 11. Don't take crap from any man or woman, 12. Take that opportunity when it appears, 13. Listen to your mum, 14. Less jealousy and paranoia and more faith and trust, 15. Doubt has no place within you confidence is key, 16. Date more, 17. Don't ever give up, 18. Never underestimate yourself,  19. It's your skin get more tattoos, 20. Don't feel pressured to fit in, 21. Tea heals everything,  22. Back up your work, 23. Switch your phone off more, 24. One good friend is better then a million shit ones, 25. Enjoy your family, 26. Embrace other people successes, 27. Cuddles are underrated

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Massive thank you to Paige Joanna for taking the photos.



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