24 September 2015

Nike this girl can campaign feature

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So the wonderful people at Nike liked what they saw on the boohoo campaign and asked me to share my story over on their This Girl Can Campaign website along side some wonderfully inspiring ladies. So I shared my story about running and how its made me feel, it has taken a wee back seat in the last 4 weeks due to work load but joining a new gym next week is going to get me back on top of my fitness. I am now in the process of toning up and I'll be sharing a little more on that in the next few weeks for my get fit series. I felt super proud of sharing photos of me running the thought of that sounds pretty terrifying in itself but it has really freed myself up and made me realize at the end of the day who cares, I did it with a big grin on my face. Hopefully it will inspire others to get outside and get active.


  1. Go Ella! I love that you smiled for it and didn't care who saw :) I think you should change your blog name to 'Inspirational Ella' (total winner!)


  2. Ohh well done you, it just goes to show how one opportunity often leads to another!! Bravo....;)


  3. That's amazing Ella! Well done you! I didn't realise that the 'This Girl Can' campaign was even being run by Nike!


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