3 September 2015

What Olivia did painting

There is nothing I love more then sitting down and painting, nothing but me my paint brushes, a piece of paper and my watercolours. So yesterday when things got a tad overwhelming I painted Olivia because she inspires me and shes a babe so what more do you need?!  I will be teaching portrait painting via my E-courses you can sign up for updates and how to get involved here also if you fancy a similar portrait creating you can always hire me above.



  1. You're artwork is lovely!

  2. You are so so talented! I saw on your instagram you said one of your teachers told you portraits aren't for you which just blew my mind! As someone who can barely sketch a stick figure I'm truly impressed :) I also love Olivia's blog and thing you've really captured her well xx

    Love and Marmalade


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