14 October 2015

New work from Ella Masters studio

Finally some new work to be proud of, I have been working on some new pieces to add to the shop that are heart felt and that make me smile so I have come up with some new fun prints to adorn walls and toilets.

My recent work is inspired by Victorian art and my love of tattoos I've combined the two to create the darkest pieces in my portfolio when I say darkest I just mean in colour. You can now find originals and Prints

 There is a lot more fab work to come and I have had some really wonderful support from my readers on here and on Instagram and wonderful kind words from friends and family. Proceeds made from my print sale will go towards running my Marathon in memory of mum.

1 comment

  1. i always love your creations when i see you post them on instagram! i think its about time i have one! expect an order from me soon :))

    Hannah at HNNHVNBLS


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