30 November 2015

take your work with you

Since loosing mum I have made more of  a point in the last few weeks to fully embrace what I do with my everyday, I often spend a fare amount of time in meetings with potential clients and this week was no exception, I found myself in East London I had a lovely meeting with Anthropologie in Spitalfields; all to be revealed very soon. Can I just say how beautiful the shop itself is, filled to the brim with wonderful trinkets. I always find myself wandering around the store even if i'm not buying anything I go for inspiration, all the colour, patterns and shiny things layered up just fill me with happiness. 

While I'm out I do enjoy a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate and when you are couped up in your studio all day it's really nice to get out and work while the bustle is going on around you. I had a few commissions to complete on this particular day one of the lovely Alfie a Tabby cat for a client, it's nice to be able to be nomadic with your work. All I need to complete my work is a paint brush, watercolour, paper and water, pretty simple really and it does make me feel blessed that I can go about my work in any part of London or anywhere. 

Like I said at the start of this post loosing Mum has kind of forced me to live a bit of a nomadic life style, when your boyfriend lives in the countryside and chopping your time between London and the countryside of Buckinghamshire it's definitely forced me to reassess my work load and how I want to live my life.Which has been great but a lot of searching.

My work load has been great and just what I needed I am just about to complete my 900th commission of the year which is insane, mainly personal commissions but its been sucha joy being able to illustrate and use my talent to make people simile, if you fancy one you can email me at ellas_blog@hotmail.co.uk it's always super fun what people want me to create.

So yeah I guess I am slowly realising how blessed I am in certain areas of my life and its just taking the time to work on the areas that aren't.

29 November 2015

Vivienne Westwood at the Aqua Shard

 So I was invited down to the Shard to share a wonderful night with Vivienne Westwood, Vivienne Westwood teamed up with Cool Earth who work alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction and which puts these communities back in control of the world’s most endangered rainforests. The sustainably-sourced British tree will be draped with delicate fairy lights and festive beading created by a women’s cooperative in the AwajĂșn community supported by Cool Earth, while a sumptuous patchwork of lace acts as an ethereal shroud, symbolising the importance to protect the rainforest. The animals which hang from the pines are all breeds that have become extinct due to the destruction of the rainforest.

We enjoyed the beautiful view from the Shard which was amazing, alongside lovely nibbling on Cool Earth chocolate and cocktails all made from Cool Earth chocolate 


11 November 2015

from tiny acorns

Do you believe in coincidence or fate? Things that seem to happen at the right time as if you weren't really looking for them. The other day after I came back from staying at a friends I came home to a little package from the lovely people at Vivienne Westwood.

I opened the little grey box not having ordered anything or any heads up and found inside the little pouch a silver acorn pendant, since my mother had passed away I lost my large oval locket she brought me so I had been searching for the perfect little locket to enclose a lock of her hair, slightly morbid I know but my Grandmother had always had a lock of my Granddads hair and I just wanted to have a bit of my mother close to me always so I asked the Nurse when my mother passed if I could keep a lock of her hair so when this acorn arrived at my door I knew my mother would approve with all her heart, she was the biggest fan of Vivienne Westwood so it was perfect. I met Vivienne back at the start of the year and I think its one off the bucket list, mum was so proud she text all her relatives haha so I took the parcel as a little heads up from the mother.

8 November 2015

LIfe lately adventures with pop chips

This week has been a wonderful mix of creative and adventures mainly exploring my city with Pop Chips discovering new places and seeing new things. I woke up early Sunday after catching up with my two best friends and as the weather was perfect we ventured out for a very lovely Autumnal walk around north London Crouch end to be precise, were we walked along a disused railway line while we enjoyed the amazing graffiti, ate a massive wrapped and wandered around the lovely charity shops.

We also spent our evening as it was Halloween at a sleep over snuggled up on the sofa and believe it or not the seasalt pop chips were great for my vegan friends one too many packs were happily consumed.

Nothing beats a Sunday spent wandering around Columbia Road I picked up the most amazing peonies for my studio space and we enjoyed a wee picnic among the golden leaves. Columbia Road was its usual busy self

The weather recently hasn't been too amazing so we darted into the National Gallery for a little break from the rain and the crowds, I had been working on prep for Renegade so it's always nice to escape those stresses and find the time for some head space. I have also realised that throughout the week I only wear black and grey, In need of a brighter colour choice. Just loved the crisp leaves on our little walk, I have consumed way too much coffee this week thats for sure.

Also took a wee bit of time out to grab some fresh sea air down in Leigh-on-sea one of my mothers favorite places, she absolutely loved Essex so it was nice for the alone time. Snacked on mine alone the sea front as well as a small cone of chips, I was pretty happy.

Topped my week off with Renegade market, this time doing it with the support of lovely friends who popped by and hung out while we drunk way too much coffee and enjoyed the Barbecue Potato chips. The Market was super busy and I painted my way through and sold  fair amount which I was rather pleased with. 

So those were 6 of my mini adventures with Pop Chips have you been upto anything in the last few days thats fun?
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